NY window shopping: Bergdorfs and Bulgari edition

Whilst walking around NYC its always fun to window shop, and even better when the window displays are amazing. Two of the best ones this trip: Bulgari and Bergdrorfs.


On it’s 5th avenue store, Bulgari, had an amazing serpent decorating its store, to coincide with the serpentine exhibition that was housed inside. The collection is actually quite impressive, some beautiful vintage serpent pieces, mixed with their usual fare, which usually makes great window shopping, and this just takes it up a level. Some of the pretty pictures below:20130304-063029.jpg


photo (12)


The Jungle Book

Bergdorfs windows were absolutely beautiful. Called great moments in Literatura, it was two of the things I love the most, fashion meeting books. The displays were interpretations of classic literature, such as The Jungle Book, The Metamorphosis and Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities



photo (11)
Tale of Two Cities


As a bonus, another great display: The neon purses at BLOOMINGDALES


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