Eating the Weekend away in NY…

there is always great food to be found in NYC, and this weekend I hit some new spots that were very good and very gluten-free friendly as well

THE MARROW20130304-062534.jpg

This is the new restaurant by the first Top Chef winner, Harold Dieterle, it mixes his two heritages, Italian with German. I love top chef, loved his other restaurant- Perilla and its been on top of NYMag restaurant power rankings for a few weeks, so i had to try it out. Th menu is even a fun graphical interpretation of the two heritages,  a family tree with one side having italian inspired dishes and the other german inspired. In general we had a really good experience at the restaurant and what we ordered was excellent. I personally had Wagyu beef, that was perfectly cooked, with a side of creamy cauliflower that they very kindly made gluten free. We shared a bamboo rice risotto with egg that was very rich but very good, and my friends short ribs looked good too. The restaurant has a great relaxed, neighbourhood feel. I wasnt too in love with their wine by the glas selections, but they do have a very respectable wine list, so hopefully if your ordering wine by the bottle, you’ll do better than I did by the glass.

THE MODERN20130304-062541.jpg

I had never been to the modern, and I rectified that this trip (it’s was very convenient that I was staying right next door). The food was amazing as can be seen from the pictures. The best dish: an egg, lobster and uni foam pot! However the highlight of the meal – I found a runner up to the Cipriani Bellini-it was actually really good! The terrine was also to die for!



I don’t think I would have found this one on my own, got pointed at by friends whose friends own it. So glad he did! Great modern interpretation of Latin dishes. They have an eggs Benedict on Pao de Queijo that looked amazing! I couldn’t have it but I hope somebody does and tells me how it is! What did we eat in the table: duck calentado, rajas with cheese, ceviche and steak & eggs



Me and my sister are total Morimoto fans, even way before iron chef and NY fame, when it was just him in Philly. So of course a new restaurant by him meant we had to go try it! The menu is an east meets west sort of thing, with almost all dishes having both eastern and western influences. Its more hearthy than his usual restaurants and everything we ordered turned out great! Some of what we tried: skirt steak with bone marrow puree, lotus chips with guacamole, wagyu beef, and a great sea bass.

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