My New Favorite Italian Restaurant-Torrisi Italian Specialties

20130402-093058.jpgI went to the seven course lunch on Sunday at Torrisi Italian Specialties in NY, and it qualified as my favorite Italian in NY! The place is adorable, with the bodega style on the walls, and it is very small with just less than 25 chairs. It has great service and the food a revelation. What did we have? Here was the day’s menu:


The Antipasti

T5 The warm mozzarella look simple but is anything but! Absolutely fabulous bite. I loved seeing the chef craft each ball right at the antipasto bar, and the taste is great!



I couldn’t have the boars Head Sandwich terrine that as in the menu, so they gave me a charred arrancini ball with pickles which was very refreshing and a good combination of textures


The Pasta

I had the little neck pasta, which they made for me with a gluten free pasta. It had some amazing spice to it, with the tabasco and chopped jalapenos.


My sister however, who an eat gnocchi, ordered those and they looked amazing! she spoke very highly of them!


and as an end – The Lamb! it was super tender and perfectly sized. The mix with the little potatoes and radishes was lovely


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