Online Cooking and Food Lusting: What Bloggers to follow to get your food fix

I love surfing around food blogs to get cooking inspiration. Well, I love cooking, so maybe that was implied. But it is great to see how much is out there in the web, in terms of great content, tips and of course mouth watering pictures. It came back into my mind  because I have recently read two great articles that have given me even more inspiration on where to go on the web.

First, my favorite food blogs – those that I have  on bookmark:


  • Canelle et Vanille: I am obsessed with this blog. It’s gluten free cooking, but its fabulous for anyone! i have reviewed her cookbook in this blog already and done many recipes, and i am a hug fan. (thanks to my sister, I even have her autographed cookbook!). I recently did another of her recipes, a Gruyere, pear and cheese tart. Here the two versions, hers and mine!:cav
  • Elena´s Pantry Very simple gluten free recipes. I love that she uses very few ingredients and everything is a breeze to make. In this blog I have already discovered some of her recipes in my country cooking blog post.
  • 101 Cookbooks  -healthy recipes, with beautiful pictures. their premise in their words: When you own over 100 cookbooks, it is time to stop buying, and start cooking. This site chronicles a cookbook collection, one recipe at a time.Pumpkin and Rice Soup
  • Gluten free girl and the Chef both their book and blog are great reads. Its also really nice how much they mix stories with food. gfgatc
  • The Year in Food I think these are some of the prettiest food pictures on the web – no wonder she is usually nominated for best food photography as well as food blogs!

Other websites I check out once in a while

food bloggers2

New Articles

But this list is going to get updated with some of the articles that I found this week. First its Refinery 29, who did an article: Dig In: 13 Life-Changing Food Blogs You Need To Know. for Them the top 13 are:

  • My Cooking Diary
  • Shutterbean
  • 101 Cookbooks
  • Turntable Kitchen
  • Yummy Suppe
  • The Year In Food
  • Nosh With Josh
  • Indian Simmer
  • Kiss My Spatula
  • Food Gal
  • Cooking Stoned
  • Beyond The Plate
  • Kitchen Confidant

There is quite a bit to investigate here – and Im looking forward to all the websites I don’t know, especially My Cooking Diary

The other source of Information was Saveur. They yearly have their Food Blog Awards. The nominations are out, and they are a great source of inspiration as to where to go online, as they have many varied categories. You can check the link for all the categories and pretty pictures, but the main nominees are:

Best Cooking  blog:

Best Baking & Desserts Blog

Best special Diets Blog:

Other categories include: Best wine or Beer Blog, Best Cocktail Blog, best Original recipes, Best Photography, Best Culinary Travel Blog, Best regional cousine Blog, best New Blog, Best Culinary Science Blog, Best kids’ Cooking blog.

Happy surfing and Bon Apetit!

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