Daily Roundup – April 18th

Quote of the day: “Consciousness is only possible through change; Change is only possible through movement”

What Im reading: I haven’t posted in a while – the unfortunate consequence of having to reduce my electronic usage for medical issues – but I’m back now … Some of the interesting things I have read this week: 

This video from Dove has been doing the social media rounds, you probably have all seen it, but for those who havent please do! its fabulous!!! I thought everyone was a fan, but it turns out its not the case, here is an article that critizices it… Why Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” Video Makes Me Uncomfortable… and Kind of Makes Me Angry

This is also a cool video – Colombia marketing!

To close it off in a more somber note, I thought this video of the Boston Bruins game was really moving. It was the first game played in Boston after the Marathon explosions, and the crowd singing the anthem is quite haunting

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