10 things I love about … Boston

So this is my first guest blog post! I convinced (or coerced… I don’t know!)  some of my favorite Bostonites (i.e. the very cultured, traveled and fashionable group of my sister & her friends) to give me their take on College Town USA – Boston.  Here are their thoughts: 

  1. MFA: Amazing collection and great exhibits
  2. Bostons’ Esplanade and The Charles – Walking on the stretched park or kayaking in the riverboston 2
  3. Walking through Charles St all the way to the Commons, picking into vintage shops and cute restaurants. Must stop ( breakfast at the Paramount or pizza at Figs )boston 3
  4. The waterfront/seaport Area, grab a nice spot and look at the planes departing from Logan or sit in an amazing terrace looking at the sunset. boston 4
  5. Fall: having lived in a no season town for all my life, arriving in fall in Boston is just amazing
  6. The Size: You can basically walk everywhere (weather permitting) and I believe one of the closest airports in USA. So convenient
  7. Coffee Time in Cambridge : Top Highlights are places like Voltage and Tatte boston7
  8. FOOD! There are so many places, with different types, nationalities and mixes . some of the best: O Ya , Clio, Mela (Indian), Pomodoro ,Sportello and great cocktail eating places. For Drinks –  The libertyboston8
  9. The Fact that it is a Student Town : If you are a student and International you will feel right at home
  10. The View: the perfect mix between the old and the new boston10

Bonus Picks (i.e. 15 things we love about Boston) 

  • Newbury:  people watching or just walking through it.
  • Sangria and Steak tips at Scoozi
  • Foodler: best online Food delivery
  • Bubble tea in Harvard sq
  • After hours Chinatown eating

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