What is Beauty? The SpaceNK #DiscoverBeauty campaign

For it’s 20th anniversary, SpaceNK created the Beauty Council, Celebrating all that is beautiful. They got 20 influencers from the world of fashion, art, food and beauty to come together to debate what is beautiful to them. With it they launched their #DiscoverBeauty campaign, getting customers and the rest of the people involved in the conversation. Up to now there are already 10 post up in their website answering the question. These 3 so far are my Favorite entries:

Jenny Dyson – Creative Director of branding agency Pencil and founding publisher of The London Fashion Week Daily. I loved this video. It’s all about how Beauty is Inner Beauty and Having a Good Heart. it’s just so cleverly done. It explains what are the Beauty “secrets” in a clear manner relating to the traditional physical beauty paradigm. Her secrets: Please, Thank You, Thoughtfulness, Kindness, Compassion,Share, Help, Love, Look People in the Eye, Laughter and Saying Sorry. A Must Watch.  

Brita Fernandez – Schmidt – Executive Director of charity Women for Women International UK. I liked her take. For her Beauty is Peace. And it comes from Connections, Confidence and Change.

Tom Aikens Chef – how can i disagree with beautiful food!  

This campaign of course makes you ask the question to yourself – what is Beauty to me? I spent quite a bit thinking about this. I think beauty is Energy and Love. What do i think is beautiful – things that move me, things that call out to me. But of course not everyone likes or feels the same about everything, and beauty is probably the most subjective thing in the world. So beauty for me, is the intersection on energy fields – the positive reaction one gets from something/someone/somewhere. Two energy levels getting a positive connection: that is beauty for me. Beauty acts In the exact same way that love does, you can’t define it but feel it. Love in a way is the ultimate definition of beauty.  That which we love we tend to find beautiful. We believe in the beauty that we create, the beauty of those things we love and brings us happiness, and ultimately we always see beauty in those which we love.  In summary beauty is physics, mysticism and chemistry all rolled into one.

What are specifically beautiful things to me-  People who exude love and confidence, The color pink, a beautiful smile, a great sunset, nature at its finest. Some of the things I find most beautiful are art and architecture, yet this is where the subjective comes in – its all about finding a match. I love some paintings but not others. Where as one building can be seen as the most beautiful thing on earth, another one I might think its ugly. A dress that I think is beauty personified, the person next to me can think is horrible. So that just confirms to me that Beauty is not only in the medium, but in the energetic reaction to it. Thinking about this I realized my pinterest board was a collection of things i found beautiful – those physical elements that when seen on screen generated a positive reaction

beauty collage

I also asked some of my friends, here is what they very eloquently said:

  • Beauty is warm and fuzzy feeling … something beautiful makes you feel good
  • Beauty is a concept, person or object that instills a feeling of ultimate pleasantness, loveliness, completeness, imperfect perfection
  • Beauty i think can have many definitions besides implying it is in the eye of the beholder. In art it is something both pleasing to the eye and awe inspiring that touches the soul. True and everlasting beauty as cliched as it is, is on the inside. Superficial beauty can follow the golden ratio etc and true beauty touches the spirit. Such as nature etc or being touched by the beauty of a person doing a good deed, there is both an aesthetic and ephemeral aspect

These are the other entries of the Beauty Council that are up: (There are still 10 council members whose definition is still not up. so good reason to head back to the SpaceNK website in a few days. These council members are: Dan Jones, Daisy and Pearl Lowe, Sonia Kashuk, Kathleen Baird – Murray, Justine Picardie , David Kirsch, David Colbert, Gizzi Erskine, Todd Lynn & a Selected User)

  • Bronwyn Cosgrave author, curator and brand consultant. She explains how using the adage of form follow function  – comparing that to  beauty, means that for her the physical way, health is beauty
  • Nicky Kinnaird – Space NK founder 
  • James Pecis Hair Stylist. . Beauty lives beyond a visual judgement and is in experience and interaction. 
  • Jimmy Nelson- Award-winning photo-journalist, explores beauty through his photographs in various traditional country settings
  • Emily Johnston – founder and editor of Fashionfoiegras.com – discovered beauty through change and acceptance of what is there
  • Sam Bompas and Harry Parr Jelly Mongers  
  • Julie Verhoeven – Artist, Illustrator, Filmmaker and teacher. 

Some coverage on this campaign

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