#SFBatKid is amazing

#SFBatkid happened and it was amazing. There was so much information about Batkid last week, and so much of it was amazing, that i felt I just consolidate some of it here.

For those uninitiated, or who do not know what Batkid is- here’s the gist:  Batkid is 5-year-old Miles Scott, A young leukemia patient. Make a wish Foundation threw out all the stops on Friday to make his dream of being a superhero for a day happen. More than 15,00o volunteers helped, turning San Francisco into Gotham City. Batkid  even had a lamborghini bat mobile, and arrested the Riddler and the Penguin. He also became a social media phenomenon, with more than 400,000 tweets and even a vimeo shout out from President Obama itself.

Seeing all the overage had me almost at tears, as I follow the sentiment of many others that this was also about more than just Miles. It really showed what good people banding together could do. And also how reminiscing on our 5 year old innocence is always a good thing, and could even makes us better people.  this video has a great and moving summary – yeah, its hard to watch it and not tear up!

Some articles and videos:


some of my favorite pictures:


batkid last
Photo from tbo.com
Photos from buzzfeed and CBS


Photos from Mashable from instagram users: @THEREALREGINAJ @DYANNALUNA @FRNCISSDOMINC @VYDESIGN



Photos from CBS


Photo from CBS

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