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EW has inspired me once again. Darren Franich wrote an article for the magazine, Entertainment Geekly: My Top 100 Disney Things, off the top of my head. In it he discusses how wntrached in our consciousness Disney is and lists the top 100 things that come to his head. Most importantly he stets up a challenge: Make your own Disney top 100.  His requierements: Without resorting to the internet, I tried to make a list of my Top 100 Disney Things: Official Disney-branded movies, TV shows, interactive experiences, whatever, all ranked in the chronological order that they popped into my mind. I am never one to back out of a Disney Challenge so here it goes! ( I made the top 100 list straight.. comentary came later 🙂 )  …FYI this has totally inspired me to do a Disney Songs posts which will come up soon

  1. Beauty and the Beast My favorite Disney Movie, no suprise it came up first!
  2. Beauty and the Beast the Stage Show Got two entries with my favorite title, as the musical is a totally different thing from the movie
  3. Little Mermaid, the movie … Part of Your World .. that’s all that needs to be said
  4. .. and stage show I worked in this show when I was in Disney Theatricals, and although it didn’t get the warmest welcome on Broadway, It still clearly holds and important
  5. Aida the Musical Oh so much to say about this one. Def my favorite Disney musical, the combination of Heather Headley + Adam Pascal + Elton John was awesome
  6. Pinocchio Ive got no strings was in my head for a while after this
  7. Magic Kingdom  One of my favorite places on earth!
  8. The Mickey Mouse Club I was obsessed with this show … and they basically cradled some of the top pop culture icons: Britney, JT, Christina, Felicity
  9. Toy Story 1..
  10. 2….
  11. .. and 3 Such fabulous films!!
  12. Aladdin Another Classic!
  13. Mary Poppins I just realized that i could also have done two of this , the movie and the musical! I love all the songs here, a Julie Andrews Classic (yes so now I have in my head a constant repet of feed the birds and lets go fly a kite)
  14. The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh [insert music] Winnie the Pooh, Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff [end music]
  15. Grand Floridian Resort my favorite place to stay in Walt Disney World – first thing I thought about were the Mary Poppins breakfasts.
  16. Dumbo 
  17. Lizzie McGuire  the show… 
  18. … Lizzie Mcguire the Movie Both 90s classics!! Hillary Duff was awesome in them!
  19. The Best of Friends from Fox and the Hound Fabulous song 🙂 I dont even remember the movie, but this song I love!
  20. Snow White 
  21. Cinderella
  22. Maleficent She is by far my favorite villain. I have dressed up as her for Halloween and am very much looking forward to Angelina J olie’s take
  23. Everybody wants to be a cat from the Aristocats repeat comment from Best of Friends, one of those were i remember the song and not the movie!
  24. High School Musical 1…
  25. …2…
  26. …3…
  27. .. and the Stage Musical I love High School Musical, I have said this before on the blog, and it is one of my guilty pleasures. It deserves 4 spots because i actually liked all three movies and the stage version I remember for different reasons, having worked on it too.
  28. Tarzan I actually thought of the stage version here before the movie!
  29. Lion King the Movie 
  30. Lion King the Musical Wow it took me a while to get to Lion King! The movie is beautiful and the stage version a total theatrical triumph!
  31. Epcot Great memories in the park!
  32. Fantasmic at MGM I love this lights show
  33. Hollywood Studios (previously known as MGM) This is my second favorite park in WDW after the Magic Kingdom.
  34. Oliver and Company Why should I worry popped into my head, so i had to put this movie in
  35. The Rescuers Some good music happening here
  36. 101 Dalmatians Cruela!
  37. Sleeping Beauty 
  38. The sword in the Stone
  39. Tangled
  40. Frozen full disclaimer – I havent watched Frozen but since its on my to do list for the holidays it definitely was top of ming.
  41. Hunchback of Notre Dame 
  42. Hercules (from Zero to Hero is now stuck in my head)
  43. Space Mountain 
  44. Railroad Roller Coaster 
  45. Zip a Dee Doo Dah Ive never watched song of the South, but this song represents Disney to me.
  46. Duck Tales On further review i had to change the name of this. I put Duck Adventures first! Now that I fixed it the song is in my head!!! duck tales  ooohooooh….
  47. Lady and the tramp
  48. Hannah Montana the show…
  49. … Hannah Montana the movie I like Disney shows, what can I say! And Miley Cyrus was cool from the beginning
  50. Wall –E I cant believe it took me to position 50 to start thinking Pixar!!! (now there will be a lot of Pixar coming!). Wall-E unspoken relationship is absolutely gorgeous.
  51. Up Another Pixar makes me cry entry
  52. Bugs Life I have to be honest, i thought here of the animal kingdom little movie, and that’s how i remembered this movie.
  53. Monsters Inc.
  54. The Incredibles
  55. Cars
  56. Mulan Of the height of Disney’s movies, this was my least favorite!
  57. The Walt Disney Family museum in San Francisco I recently went to it and it was super enlightening. Bonus fact: they have the 7 mini oscars WD got for Snow White.
  58. Waking Sleeping Beauty A great documentary about Disney Animation
  59. Mickey’s Steamboat Where it all started
  60. Donald and Daisy I guess characters count???
  61. Goofy and Pluto
  62. Minnie Mouse
  63. Alice in Wonderland 
  64. Newsies the movie… Total 80s guilty pleasure with Christian Bale that if you havent watched you should rent and do so!!!!!!
  65. …Newsies the musical Which just got made into a musical on Broadway last season and it is amazing! Love the songs
  66. Animal Kingdom
  67. Disneyland
  68. EuroDisney
  69. Fantasyland … lots of park connotations coming into my brain
  70. Peter Pan 
  71. Haunted Mansion 
  72. Bambi 
  73. The Paperman This was a Disney Animation short film that I have linked previously in this blog. It is beautiful.
  74. Robin Hood 
  75. Camp Rock  So my obsession with the Disney Channel started to come out with lots of entry. This was a pretty “campy” movie (no pun intended) with Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. IT was a good follow up to the High School Musical franchise with good songs to boot.
  76. Even Stevens Classic 90s disney show, partner to Lizzie Mcguire.
  77. Lemonade Mouth Another entry, Another Disney Channel Made for TV Movie
  78. Jump In mmm …. another entry, Another Disney Channel Made for TV Movie
  79. Wizards of Waverly Place Disney Channel Show – its claim to fame is Sending Selena Gomez to stardom
  80. Sleeping Beauty So i had maleficent in the top 20 and sleeping beauty down here, guess i know where my allegiances lie in this movie. (side note, for those of you who watch Once Upon a Time, I think Sleeping Beauty could be one of the most irritating characters on the show. This list makes me think that it might be because I have always not loved her character!)
  81. Pirates of the Caribbean the ride… This is the classic and a wonderful song!
  82. … All the Pirates of the Caribbean movies But this has Johnny Depp so its hard to choose which one is better
  83. Fantasia Mickey at its finest! One of the most iconic images for me is the blue hat with the silver stars.
  84. Radio Rebel again,another entry, Another Disney Channel Made for TV Movie. I think this one came up because i saw a rerun of it in the Disney Channel 2 days ago.
  85. Alice Tea cups The ride at Magic Kingdom
  86. Mighty Ducks Movies All I know about Hockey i learned from the Mighty Ducks! (star alert… this is Joshua Jackson pre Dawsons Creek’s Pacey)
  87. Scrooge Mc duck
  88. Christmas Carol Mickey’s Christmas Carol is what I was thinking here, not the new movie with the creepy animation
  89. The Princess and the Frog This is a B- movie
  90. Lilo and Stitch Actually never watched this one, but that’s how good Disney marketing is that I know of movies I’ve never watched!
  91. Finding Nemo How is this so low!!!!! i love Nemo and Dory are a classic pair!
  92. Gummi Bears Not the edible kind, but the Disney channel show with the most infectious theme song ever. Total part of my childhood (song below as evidence)
  93. Soaring the Ride Random entry, but it popped up!
  94. Adventure Land
  95. Enchanted Tiki Room
  96. Downtown Disney It houses one of my favorite stores ever – the 25 days of Christmas
  97. On the Record Musical
  98. The Magic Kingdom Parade 
  99. Ratatouille Too low an entry, but it took a while to pop up! This is one of my favorite Pixar movies, and as I had stated in this blog before one of the Best Food Movies 
  100. The Aerosmith Rollercoaster at MGM

so does anybody else take the challenge?

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