NYTimes 52 Places to Go in 2014

South Africa, Albania, Vietnam and Indonesia. Picture from the NYTimes
South Africa, Albania, Vietnam and Indonesia. Picture from the NYTimes

NYTimes has published their 52 Places to Go in 2014. Here is a listing of what made their travel plans, with their one liners of their decision. Check out the link for the full discourse:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa – A place to meditate on freedom, and the creative life that followed.
  2. Christchurch, New Zealand – The rebirth of a quake-ravaged city.
  3. North Coast, California  – A glorious new preserve for the public.
  4. Albanian Coast – On a rugged shore, Europe at its best.
  5. Downtown Los Angeles – Downtown? Really? Yes, thanks to a thriving food scene.
  6. Namibia – Africa’s latest conservation success story is a boon for travelers.
  7. Ecuador – Epic biodiversity, and a newly renovated railway to get you there.
  8. Quang Binh, Vietnam – Now open: One of the world’s largest caves.
  9. Perth, Australia – For Australian panache, go west.
  10. Rotterdam, the Netherlands – First-class architecture in the Netherlands’ second city.
  11.  Taiwan – Urban and outdoor pursuits in one (reasonably) compact package.
  12. Frankfurt, Germany – An infusion of hip night life wakes up a humdrum city.
  13. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia-  An ambitious art scene heads toward the international stage.
  14. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil–  A world-class World Cup getaway.
  15.  Nashville, Tenn. – Leather jackets and skinny jeans join cowboy boots
  16.  Scotland – New reasons to play, and watch players, in Scotland’s yards
  17. Calgary, Alberta – An oil boom town gets its cultural legs.
  18. Ishigaki, Japan – Sand and surf, now a (low-cost) hop from Osaka.
  19. Laikipia Plateau, Kenya – A pristine slice of biodiversity is home to a new luxury eco-resort.
  20.  Yogyakarta, Indonesia – A volcano, a temple, a shrine and now a place to stay.
  21. Tahoe, Calif. – A ski area spruces up with new terrain, lodging and an entire base village.
  22.  Yorkshire, England – A photogenic (and historic) ale trail.
  23. Dubai – Reborn, relentless and still over the top.
  24. The Vatican – New saints, a new(ish) pope and newly restored treasures beckon.
  25.  Uruguayan Riviera – South American beach towns,before they go upscale.
  26. Chennai, India – A cultural capital springs to life.
  27. Seychelles – An African luxury hot spot that’s become easier to get to.
  28. Krabi, Thailand – A Phuket-like hideaway, but still unspoiled.
  29. Aspen, Colo. – Ditch those poles. Art and bike trails await
  30. Highlands, Iceland – Natural wonders are in danger.Go see them before it’s too late.
  31. Umea, Sweden – Soundscapes and culture shinein northern Sweden.
  32. Xishuangbanna, China – Skip smog-choked cities — and face masks — and head out to China’s wild frontier.
  33. Andermatt, Switzerland – A mountain makeover from overlooked to opulent
  34.  Indianapolis – In the land of cars, cycling (and culture) get the limelight.
  35. Mekong River – River cruising swells on the Danube of Asia.
  36. Athens – Out of an economic crisis, a city surges back.
  37. Barahona, Dominican Republic – A scenic, low-key destination on the verge of discovery.
  38. Arctic Circle – Chasing the northern lights? This might be the year.
  39. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – On the African coast, music thrives in a commercial capital.
  40. Downtown Atlanta – A revitalized city center welcomes new museums and streetcars.
  41. Nozawa Onsen, Japan – Skiing, soba and snow monkeys.
  42. Subotica, Serbia  -Serbian wine? Time to take a sip.
  43. Elsinore, Denmark – A museum’s entrance makes for something new in the state of Denmark.
  44. Cartmel, England – Haute cuisine comes to the lush landscapes of the Lake District.
  45. Nepal – New peaks open up for alpine adventurers.
  46. Vienna – Feel like reminiscing? A city is awash in anniversaries.
  47. Siem Reap, Cambodia – Even a 1,200-year-old lost city has some new draws.
  48. Varazdin, Croatia – Croatia’s architectural and musical gem lies inland.
  49. St. Petersburg, Fla. – Reinventing a Florida city’s reputation.
  50. Belize – More flights and lodges in Central America’s eco-frontier.
  51. New Caledonia – What you’d expect (natural beauty) and not (world-class museum).
  52. Niagara Falls, N.Y. – Once a kitsch capital, now earning a reputation for food and sports.

I like this list because there are a lot of places that I haven’t been to (and some I hadn’t even heard of). I’ve only been to 8: The Vatican, Uruguayan Riviera, Indianapolis , Athens, Downtown Atlanta, Vienna, Siem Reap, Niagara Falls.

It also makes me think of my 2014 travel plans and what places I’m going to go. I always like to go to at least 1 new place every year, and this year I’ve already hit one: Mumbai, and will go to another (that is actually on this list) Ecuador, later in the year. The remaining of my 2014 travel schedule as it stands right now are repeats of great favorites so I’m not complaining! Right now I have some Rome, New York and Spain in the cards:).

Tahoe and Seychelles. Picture from the NY times
Tahoe and Seychelles. Picture from the NYTimes

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