NY for the Superbowl

I was in NY over the weekend for the SuperBowl, and here are some of the Picture highlights!

Non-Football highlights and pictures of the weekend:

  • Dinner at Pearl & Ash. We went after theater, and it has a great vibe late night. It is more of a wine/drinks place with great small plates. The food was amazing as you can see from the menu. The decor (As you can see from the picture below) is great – love the industrial chandelier. The size of the wine list is impressive! What were my favorites:
    • diver scallop, lime, tomatillo, corn nuts
    • octopus, sunflower seed, shiso
    • short rib, oyster mushroom, salsify, sorrel


  • Having a Gluten Free Crepe at 8 Turn Crepe. I need one of these close to home! it was so good 🙂 20140206-103607.jpg
  • Times Square :  always a classic. However, The Super Boulevard being there although a great idea in theory, had terrible execution! It was so crowded you couldn’t breathe!20140206-105123.jpg
  • Some of my favorites required their own posts so go to the links for the details: Going to see Bridges of Madison County on Broadway, the Iradj Moini store and the Bergdorf’s windows!20140206-103555.jpgwpid-PhotoGrid_1391702597195.jpg
  • Dinner at Milos – its always fabulous!
  • The Great Gluten-free options at Hakkasan

My Football pictures of the week:

  • Pre- Game Pics:
Stadium pics and the T-Shirt I wore!


  • Bruno Mars Halftime Show
I loved the hats we got to wear and the pepsi graphics were awesome!

20140206-103519.jpg wpid-PhotoGrid_1391702848977.jpg wpid-PhotoGrid_1391702823938.jpg 20140206-103530.jpg

  • Celebration Pics 

wpid-PhotoGrid_1391702265770.jpg wpid-PhotoGrid_1391396821285.jpg

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