Bridges of Madison County Broadway Review


Bridges Of Madison County 

Official Description: The Bridges of Madison County tells the story of photographer Robert Kincaid and his life-changing, four-day love affair with Iowa farm wife Francesca Johnson. The Tony-winning® director of South Pacific and The Light in the Piazza returns to Broadway. Four-time Tony® nominee Kelli O’Hara reunites with director Bartlett Sher for a stunning new musical by the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning team of Marsha Norman and Jason Robert Brown. O’Hara is joined onstage by Steven Pasquale for this classic love story based on the best-selling novel by Robert James Waller. Don’t miss this sweeping romance about the roads we travel, the doors we open and the bridges we dare to cross.

What I thought: First of all the highlight of the show for my was Steven Pasquale. How had I not watched Rescue Me?? I did not know who he was but I left the show a fan – not only is he hot (picture below) but an amazing singer!! (yeah i was convinced that she could have an affair with him 🙂 )

Now that the fan rant is done, we can commence the discussion of the rest of the show. I have mixed feelings about it.  The story is very compelling, but that has already been determined by the success of the book and movie. In musical form it does translate, and its conversion to a musical does feel natural. The music however had me a bit torn. Although beautiful, it wasn’t memorable and it was a bit one note. There was not a showstopper moment, the show just cruised through. The only song that I really enjoyed and remembered 3 hours later was One Second and a Million Miles. The staging was beautiful and simple. I loved the video backdrop but would have maybe done more with the Bridge – it was quite  plain. Kelli O’Hara does not have my favorite type of voice, but even I who am not a total fan, have to say she is quite amazing in the role! The show could have been a bit shorter – I think this would work better as a shorter one act, based on the music and the story (kind of like Last 5 years of Jason Robert Brown which I think is fabulous!).   

In conclusion a good (but not amazing) musical,clearly for girls. A Rom Com I think the guys will not fully  appreciate it! 

Some videos from their website:

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