Master Omakase at Oya

Last week I was in Boston for my sisters graduation and we went to my favorite japanese restaurant, and my favorite in Boston Oya. I usually order from the menu, but this time we had the grand omakase, which was absolutely divine (Although way to much food). Here some food porn on what we had:

KUMAMOTO OYSTER watermelon pearls, cucumber mignonettewpid-photogrid_1401225616073.jpg

HAMACHI spicy banana pepper mousse: this was one of my favorites, the banana pepper mousse was amazingwpid-photogrid_1401225591322.jpg

KAMASU WILD JAPANESE BARRACUDA yuzu-truffle, shisowpid-20140516_213635.jpg

KAMA TORO GELEE santa barbara sea urchin, russian ossetra caviar : this was an excess of riches, so much goodness in just one bitewpid-photogrid_1401225567545.jpg

KINME DAI ume, japanese, shisowpid-20140516_214614.jpg

KOHADA JAPANESE BAY MACKEREL black olive puree wpid-photogrid_1401225540130.jpg

TENNEN MADAI white soy ginger, myaga, lemon oil wpid-20140516_215450.jpg

TASMANIAN OCEAN TROUT rainbow trout caviar, wasabi vinaigrette, cucumber : amazingly beautiful and delicious all at oncewpid-20140516_215909.jpg

SPRING ASPARAGUS “RISOTTO” sea urchin, grated cured egg yolk, shiso : such originality. The “rice” was pieces of asparagus cut like ricewpid-20140516_221009.jpg

FOI GRAS miso, preserved california yuzu: heaven on a spoon wpid-photogrid_1401225504075.jpg

DIVER SCALLOP umbrian summer truffle, sake sea urchin jus, chervil : i think this was my second favorite dish of the night. The jus of sea urchin was to die forwpid-photogrid_1401225434176.jpg

HAMACHI leche de tigre mamiji oil, cilantro wpid-20140516_223248.jpg

BLUEFIN TORO wasabi oil, lots of green onionswpid-20140516_224032.jpg

MADAI SHIRAKO TEMPURA, meyer lemon, pecorino : this proves that cheese and fish CAN mix wpid-photogrid_1401225401152.jpg

MAINE JONAH CRAB chicken-dashi gelee, razor clam, wakame, meyer lemonwpid-20140516_225440.jpg

WARM LOBSTER ponzu beurre fondue, bonito, umbrian summer truffle: truffle, lobster and butter is always a great combinationwpid-photogrid_1401225378382.jpg

FABERGE ONSEN EGG russian ossetra caviar, gold leaf, dashi sauce, green onion: this one i just couldn’t eat. Almost raw eggs are not my cup of teawpid-photogrid_1401225341609.jpg

GRILLED SHITAKE & KING OYSTER MUSHROOMS rosemary garlic oil, sesame froth, soywpid-20140516_232026.jpg


FOIE GRAS NIGIRI balsamic chocolate kabayaki, raisin cocoa pulp : this is one of my oya favorites and it did not dissapoint!wpid-photogrid_1401225311971.jpg

SOMETHING SWEET wpid-20140516_235112.jpg



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