A few new travel roundups to add to the Bucketlist

india, Ibiza and FIji. Pictures from T+L

T+L has a great list, 40 reasons to Travel now. I really enjoyed it with lots of cool insight, new hotels and new trends. You should check the link to actually understand the list in its full glory, but here is the summary of their 40 reasons:

  1. Because getting to India is easier than ever.
  2. Because Shanghai is having a craft cocktail moment.
  3. Because Europe is on sale
  4. Because your killer dance moves should be set free.
  5. Because the Caribbean is becoming a design destination.
  6. Because you can drink some of the rarest, finest spirits on earth.
  7. Because Cuba.
  8. Because a tiny region four hours from Montreal has 40 wineries.
  9. Because you can sleep in a building designed by Jean Nouvel
  10. Because five stars doesn’t necessarily mean five dollar signs.
  11. . Because sheep cafés must be seen firsthand.
  12. Because Sarajevo is undergoing a resurgence.
  13. Because the small-plates craze will follow you 36,000 feet up.
  14. Because the world’s most extravagant resort beckons
  15. Because a city founded in 753 B.C. has a spate of stylish new places to stay
  16. Because Noma Japan may be done, but you can find the Noma pedigree all over.
  17. Because Cuzco, Peru, is more than just Machu Picchu
  18. Because some airport food isn’t actually that bad
  19. Because skies like this really do exist.
  20. Because the Oslo art scene is seriously pushing boundaries
  21.  Because southern Portugal has too many boutique hotels to choose from
  22.  Because, yes, even Buffalo, New York, has a dynamic beer culture.
  23. Because it costs less than $100 a night to stay somewhere hip in Paris.
  24.  Because airport spas are taking a no-holds-barred approach to pampering.
  25. Because you can sip Chemex-brewed coffee while getting your bike fixed.
  26. Because you can hit the beach while camping.
  27. Because you can stay small without skimping on style.
  28. Because browsing Bottega Veneta means stepping back in time.
  29. Because you can embrace the long-lost art of spontaneity.
  30. Because luxury and roughing it are no longer mutually exclusive
  31. Because you can picnic on top of the world.
  32. Because even notorious airports are getting luxe makeovers.
  33. Because you can live like an interior designer—just for the weekend.
  34. Because let’s face it: Facebook needs a break.
  35. Because one night in Marrakech helps support underprivileged girls.
  36. Because it’s easier than ever to keep your mind and body healthy on the go.
  37. Because SFMOMA is traveling, too.
  38. Because Philippe Starck’s Mama Shelter is finally invading the United States.
  39. Because Sydney and Melbourne have some competition.
  40. Because the museums-in-hotels thing is growing.

Refinery 29 has 21 Incredible Trips To Add To Your Bucket ListI can add 18 of the 21 to my bucketlist

  1. Nairobi National Park, Kenya
  2. Glencoe, Scotland
  3. Lofoten, Norway
  4. White Sands, New Mexico
  5. Djibouti, the Horn of Africa
  6. Big Sur, California
  7. Primorsky Krai, Nakhodka, Russia
  8. Jaipur, India
  9. Lake Ballard, Western Australia
  10. To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa
  11. Calanque of Sormiou in Marseille, France
  12. Poda Island, Thailand
  13. Paje Beach, Zanzibar
  14. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
  15. Atacama Desert, Chile
  16. Tongariro Alpine Crossing, North Island, New Zealand
  17. Machu Picchu
  18. Red Beach, Santorini, Greece
  19. Hoyt’s Crossing, South Yuba, Nevada
  20. Sandwich Harbour, Namibia
  21. Tonquin Valley, Alberta, Canada
Baku, Piedmont, Norway
Baku, Piedmont, Norway. Pictures from Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s best places in Europe 2015

  1. Akureyri, Iceland
  2. Leipzig, Germany
  3. The Azores, Portugal
  4. Málaga, Spain
  5. Belgrade, Serbia
  6. Piedmont, Italy
  7. Baku, Azerbaijan
  8. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  9. Tromsø, Norway
  10. Porto, Portugal

Time’s The Best Small Hotels in the World


  1. Little Island Lighthouse in Vesterålen, Norway
  2. Iniala Beach House in Phuket, Thailand
  3. The Gideon Ridge Inn in Blowing Rock, North Carolina
  4. Casa Noble Villas in Tequila, Mexico
  5. Topia Inn in Adams, Massachusetts
  6. Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree, California
  7. Tcherassi Hotel & Spa in Cartagena, Colombia
  8. The Villa at Taprobane Island in Sri Lanka
  9. The 404 in Nashville
  10. Hotel Covell in Los Angeles
  11. The Royal Street Inn in New Orleans
  12. Longman & Eagle in Chicago
Caribbean, Tokyo and Fiji. Pictures from Conde Nast

Conde Nast has a few great lists. First up,  The Ultimate Travel BucketlistOnly 1 out of 13 in this list – got a longs way to go.

  1. Island-hopping in indonesia
  2. The usa from coast to coast
  3. Road tripping across south america
  4. Diving the great barrier reef
  5. North to south through japan
  6. Icelandic volcanoes and helicopter rides
  7. Poolside dreaming on the côte d’azur
  8. Making tracks in rural japan
  9. Argentina’s glacial landscapes
  10. Snorkelling in the south pacific
  11. Tokyo in neon lights
  12. Sailing around antigua
  13. Exploring the caribbean by boat
La Minervetta,Gecko Beach
Kirimai, La Minervetta,Gecko Beach

They also have Europe’s Best Secret Seaside Hotels

  1. Don ferrante, monopoli, puglia, italy
  2. Gecko beach, formentera, spain
  3. Cenobio dei dogi, liguria, italy
  4. La malà, liguria, italy
  5. La voile d’or, côte d’azur, france
  6. Kyrimai, peloponnese, greece
  7. Hostel sa racassa, costa brava, spain
  8. La minervetta, sorrento, italy
  9. Can simoneta, mallorca, spain
  10. Ekies all senses resort, halkidiki, greece
  11. Hotel de toiras, île de ré, france
  12. Ammos hotel, crete, greece
  13. La coorniche, bordeaux, france
  14. Hotel portixol, mallorca, spain

The Telegraph posted The ultimate travel bucket list: 25 things to do before you dieI have only done 5 out of the 25 so a great deal of ideas for the next trips

  1. See the northern lights
  2. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  3. Trek to Machu Picchu
  4. See New England in the Fall
  5. Tour Patagonia
  6. Visit the Amazon
  7. Explore the temples of Angkor
  8. Witness the Serengeti’s great migration
  9. Go whale watching
  10. Marvel at the Taj Mahal
  11. Visit the Grand Canyon
  12. Go on safari in the Okavango Delta
  13. Trek through the Himalayas
  14. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  15. See the sun rise over Bagan
  16. Set foot on Antarctica
  17. Tour the temples and gardens of Kyoto
  18. Take a great American road trip
  19. Drive the Great Ocean Road
  20. Walk the Great Wall of China
  21. Visit Easter Island
  22. Visit the Holy Land
  23. See the landscapes and wildlife of Namibia
  24. Take a trip to the Arctic
  25. Travel the Silk Road

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