Bogota Art Weekend

So im behind on a lot of posts, and this was one of them. Last weekend was bogota’s version of Art weekend, with not only Artbo, but a lot of side art fairs like Barcu, Odeon and La feria del Millon. I unfortunately could not hit all of them, but being able to go to the openings of Artbo and Feria gave me great access to buy some cool stuff and take great pictures! Here is the photo diary of my favorites

Highlights of ArtBo



my wonderful purchase!!!
wonderful stuff at the Gonzalez & gonzalez gallery from Peru

wpid-20150930_185929.jpg wpid-20150930_190026.jpg wpid-20150930_190044.jpg wpid-20150930_190414.jpg wpid-20150930_190548.jpg wpid-20150930_1904170.jpg wpid-20150930_190421.jpg wpid-20150930_190706.jpg wpid-20150930_190942.jpg wpid-20150930_191224.jpg wpid-photogrid_1443818871987.jpg wpid-photogrid_1443970862870.jpg

Highlights on La feria del Millon


Another great purchase!

wpid-20151003_110029.jpg wpid-20151003_104837.jpg wpid-20151003_102018.jpg wpid-20151003_103637.jpg wpid-20151003_103912.jpg wpid-20151003_103941.jpg wpid-20151003_104024.jpg wpid-20151003_104044.jpg wpid-20151003_110331.jpg wpid-20151003_111044.jpg wpid-20151003_122049.jpgwpid-20151003_121739.jpg

.. unfortunately couldnt get to Odeon and Barcu as expected but at least just with the above two made for a great art weekend

I was asked the question how do these compare to last years? i figured i would post my favorite pictures from the 2014 editions of both. In general i liked this years editions much more. Artbo was much more commercial in my eyes this year (which appealed to me more), where as last year it has a lot more experimental and installation art. La Feria del Millon, although art wise i feel i liked them equally, i think these year it was much more organized, and the Voltaje exhibition was quite cool.

ARTBO 2014

I was obsessed with this gallery, Steven Turner last year, but these year their offering was very much not my style. Last year if only i could have afforded it I would have bought the whole thing.









wpid-20141027_130446.jpg wpid-20141027_124159.jpg

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