Tasting the World’s 50 Best: Clove Club Edition

I spent my Birthday in London, and what better way to mark the occasion that knocking off another one of the World’s 50 best restaurants from my to eat list. This time: The Clove Club, which came in at number 26 in this years list. It was a wonderful experience. The local is laid back but fancy if that makes any sense. It seems important without being pretentious which is my kind of place. The food was inventive, and given the negative connotations of “british food” it was a welcomed delight to bring the cuisine higher. THe wine list is great, and as a plus has some great Coravin by the glass options. The only problem: the service, it was just all a bit too slow for my taste, but a minor qualm in an otherwise delightful evening. Here’s the menu we had, with some picture diaries:

Selection of snacks to start of they gave us 4 different snacks which were all equally delicious. THe first, a sort of frozen gazpacho was super original, and the little dumplings in the leaves in the picture are fried chicken bites which were so good, and gluten free.

Raw Orkney Scallop, Hazelnut, Clementine and Manjimup truffle  – lovely textures and a beautiful plate. IMG_2083

Baked Aubergine, green tomato and Frozen Saint Nectaire IMG_2082

summer Herb Broth  we definitly wanted more of this in our table when it was done. Its like a green juice boiled … sounds weird but it was soo good and had little mussles inside .IMG_2081

Flamed  Mackerel, Summer Cabbage and toasted oats IMG_2080

A little Buckwheat pancake with crisp pork belly and devilled spices – such a good little bite!  IMG_2079

Whole Roast Challans Duck in Three servings:  the main event and it was spectacular

  1. a light duck consome & Hundred Year Old Madeira  i think this was my favorite part of the meal. They bring the consome in a brandy bottle with the madeira bottle. They serve you a bit of the madeira, which was spectacular and then with a little of it remaining pour the consome over it. Super and super creative.
  2. Heather Honey and Black Bear Glazed Breast, Fermented Cabbage & Beetroot – really good, but i was hungry and forgot to take a picture!
  3. Hot Smoked Duck Sausage still good, but probably my least favorite bite of the day Image-1.jpg

Apricot Sorbet, Burnt Honey, toasted Almond & Bee pollen – 100% my type of dessert. Fresh and sweet and not a hint of chocolate!


A Jelly of Lemongrass and Summer Berries – My type of dessert part 2. a great refreshing summer dessert to end the meal but not leave you super heavy .


The kitchen: cckitchen.jpg

The entrance:


their great logo (with my chocolate 😉 )

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