48 hours in Florence

Day 1

930pm: Dinner at Borgo San jacopo: after certain food disappointments in Rome, out first meal in Florence hit it out of the park. We had low expectations and they were blown away. A wonderful 1 star Michelin restaurant, It was creative, delicious and impeccably served. The house is gorgeous as well with a beautiful river view. The highlight: my radicchio risotto – the color was divine!

Day 2

10am – walking tour of Florence center City. Three hours great walk where we hit all the highlights (from outside of course). The pictorial tour:


The first orphanage

Medici Palace 

San lorenzo
Santa Maria Novella



Plaz de La Republica
Piazza della Signoria

Enter a caption
Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio

Pitti Palace
Pitti Palace


1 pm Lunch at Il santo Bevitore: really cute place and wonderful food. I had a wonderful squid Rissotto

2:30pm ice cream at La Carraia – amazing it beat san crispino for my favorite ice cream in Italy

3 pm : Uffizi. Yes there are gorgeous pieces here (see below) and it is a must see when in Florence but man is it a poorly designed and not convenient museum. You’d think the Italian would have had a better handle on art museums. Definitely do not attempt to get near it without a previously booked reservation – the other line, even in winter, was painful. My favorite pieces: clearly the Botticelli’s, Caravaggio and the angels

5pm coffee at Gilli. Had to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t gave coffee (I had a very generic tea) but my sister said the coffee was worth it.

530pm: Orsanmichelle church . A gorgeous altar, of a miraculous Virgin. The statues around the outside of the church are amazing too

8:00pm Dinner at Enoteca Pinchiori: the food scene in Florence kept impressing. Enoteca was fabulous a true 3 star Michelin. Impecable service and food. The pumpkin rissoto was delicious. And as fun as the food was the cellar- sooo many bottles. And some true gems. For example they had a magnum collection of all the 1985 romane conti all labeled 0001 – insane.

Day 3

11am la Academia to see Michaelangelo’s David. Ridiculously impressive in person. I really didn’t think it was that big nor that I was going to be so blown away. Amazingness all around (even if the museum logistics, like the Uffizi leave a lot to be desired)

12 noon: Medici Chapel : on the quest to see everything Michaelangelo – one ends up here. Gorgeous tomb work by him

1 pm when you are walking around you see a sign that says world champion gluten free pizza- you have to walk in and try it. Ciro and Sons did not disappoint it was excellent.

2:30 pm santa maría novella– from the inside. Gorgeous frescos – and having just read the agony and the ecstasy about Michelangelo I of course had to come in and see where it all started

What I should have done here: Ferragamo museum. What I did : nap and tea at the Four seasons – being sick whilst trying to be a tourist is not easy

730pm: osteria della tre panche: my sister had been raving about this hole in the wall place with “three benches” since she came to Florence 4 years ago. Gladly the place lived up to its hype. If you want truffles in Florence (and what is according to her the best cheesecake in the world) come here

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