Trying out London’s Worlds 50 Best Summer 2018 Edition: Lyle’s and Clove Club

During my last trip to London I checked out Lyles and Clove Club – below some photographic gastronomia tours


A very simple and ingredient based four course menu. The food was delicious and the place unassumingly cool. Below what we had and my thoughts on each dish. Although a fab meal was had – I dont think it warrants the No. 38 spot.

PEAS, LOVAGE, SORREL & TICKLEMORE – these peas were to die for. They were actually raw but so fresh they seemed cooked. An impressive and beautiful dish

THORNBACK, RAY, SEA ASTER &WHEY BUTTER the fish melted in your mouth and had amazing  texture 

SADDLEBACK LOIN, LETTUCE AND ANCHOVY my least favorite dish but still a strong showing

RASPBERRY RHUBARB & RAW GOATS MILK ICE CREAM- this is how you do rhubarb!

Clove Club

The second time around was even better than the first! Spectacular food, great service. This world 50 best ranking I am definitely not putting in question. Here is what we ate, the highlight was the curry lobster with zuchinni puree which was mouthwatering.

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