Trying out the World 50 Best: Pujol

img_3922Going to Pujol again is always a pleasure. This time instead of the taco bar, i went to their main tasting menu. An amazing meal as always, this is one of my favorite restaurants in the world and this outing did not lower its standing in my mind. What we had:

The botanas:


Pulpo, tinta de habanero, ayocote, salsa veracruzana (octopus with habanero ink) – not only beautiful but delicious


Tamal de berenjena quemada, acelgas (eggplant tamale) – making vegetables taste this good is an art. Such amazing blend of flavors img_3907

Pescado a la brasa, amarillito de calabaza, segueza (Fish with squash) – this was light and extremely flavorful.


Mole madre, mole nuevo: my favorite dish in Pujol. It is a work of art and worth the trip.


Piña rostizada, piloncillo, cilantro (pineapple and cilantro)


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