Tasting 3 of Latin America’s Best Restaurants (Pujol, Elena and Tegui)

In the last few days I went to Buenos Aires and Mexico City and used my time to manage to eat in three of the Latin America’s 50 best restaurants that I had not tried. My thoughts:

Pujol (Mexico City) Overall the food in Pujol was amazing  (although I might have liked Cosme, Enrique Olvera’s more casual NY rest a bit more the horror!) I really liked the dining room and the relaxed atmosphere of it, and service was on point! (in terms of service mayor bonus points for having battery packs to charge your cellphone. after arriving at the restaurant from the airport with 4% battery I was very thankful, as it allowed for me to take these pics and do this post, also to call a cab 🙂 ) The tasting menu format here i really enjoyed as it allowed for some choice and selection, as three of the 5 dishes you get to pick between three options. I always like that as there is a higher chance of you enjoying your meal. Because even an adventurer eater as myself has some favorites.  I was really glad i came and is a worthy member of the best restaurants list. I will go again for sure, and highly recommend it. My favorite dish: the new and old mole, soo Good. Here’s a picture diary of what I ate:

Botanas (Bocol Huasteco, Chileatole de CAlabaza, Tostada de chia y Elote con mayonesa de hormiga) (little starters)

photogrid_1450364214858.jpg 20151215_223037-1.jpg

Mole Verde (Green Mole): It was actually prettier than tasty – a little bit bland for my taste.


Taco de Barbacoa , adobo de chile guajillo, hoja de aguacate, pure de aguacate (BBQ Taco)


Pesca del dia confitada, guas, jalapeno rojo, jengibre, pure de calabaza (Fish of the day): Really good seasoning and melt in your mouth fish


Pollo adobo de chiles, nopal, romeritos, rabano negro (Chili marinated chicken)


Mole madre, Mole Nuevo (840 dias) (New and Mother Mole): Soooo good, although an added crunch to eat it with not just the tortilla would have been icing on the cake


Final Feliz (Happy Ending) The desserts were super inventive and Really good. The first was a gluten free version of meringue with corn cream. The second Avocado ice cream with chocolate mousse. The Third a sweet tamale with ice cream.

The menu:20151215_221753-1.jpg

Tegui ( Buenos Aires) 20151207_212352.jpgOverall excellent food, and yes it is the best restaurant i have been in Buenos Aires. However, I would not have put it above Pujol as it is in the rankings, maybe a few steps below. Great service, loved the open concept kitchen and the decor. Some dishes were genius, some were just lacking, and maybe tried to be more inventive than flavorful (the D.O.M. curse) Here is the picture diary of what I ate.

  • Chauha
  • Lechuga (lettuce)  Interesting grilled lettuce with egg, a take on a cesar that was good just not 100% to my palate


  • Ostras (Oysters) Beautiful smoked oysters


  • Conejo (rabbit) might have been one of my favorite dishes. The combination of the rabbit with the corn ice cream (both contrasting flavours textures and temperatures) was great


  • Mollejas (Sweetbread) I couldnt really eat this one as i hate Sweetbread, but for those who enjoyed them at the table, it got good, not great marks


  • Pejerrey (Fish) Beautifully cooked fish with a hjint of chorizo. Simple but well executed


  • Pato (Duck) Gorgeous dish and super tasty


  • Cordero (Lamb) this was the consensus of favorite dish of the table among everyone I was with. The lamb with the cheese was really good.


  • Damasco (peaches) the desserts were good, just not great.


  • Chocolate

The Wines we had were a true highlight of the night. Specially of note La Violeta which I had not tried and is spectacular!

the menu: 20151207_232615-1.jpg

Elena Definitely at another level than the other two, this is more of a normal everyday restaurant, that you could go regularly to,  where as Pujol and Tegui are special event, tasting menu, pricey affairs. However as that it is a beautiful place with really good food. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a well done steakhouse. The menu has a selection of various beefs with sides, as well as some more composed dishes. In terms of Buenos Aires rankings, should it be above Tarquino, in ambiance maybe, in food definitely not. Should it be above Rafael and Dulce Patria, definitely not! but overall a good place to go when in BsAs.  Here are some pics of what we ordered in our table. Of note, the wine list is excellent.

Speaking of great Buenos Aires restaurants I discovered Casa Cavia. Just go for the beautiful place The library room is spectacular. As an added bonus the food is super delicious and actually light and fresh, perfect for lunch.


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