L.A. Adventures

After some great stops in Napa, San Francisco and throught the PCH, it was time for some 48 hours in LA. Here were some of the trip highlights:

  • Trois mec A wonderful counter dinner. The restaurant is in the middle of nowhere and I loved that about it. Here’s what we had (some of my gluten free modifications next to it)
    • Smoked milk flan, caviar
    • Endive salad, gingerbread granola, nuts, citrus ( i had roasted eggplant)
    • Scallop tartar, yuzu kosho, celery and chive juice, toasted country bread (no bread for me)
    • Lobster bisque, vadouvan curry whipped cream
    • Grilled wagyu beef, crispy potato, onion soubise, foie gras sauce, black truffle
    • Chicken broth, garlic, lemon, dry bonito
    • Sweet potato cake, pineapple sorbet, pistacho
  • Warner Brothers tour: I was like a kid in a candy store here. I love studio tours! Some of the picture highlights (the best part taking a picture at the central perk! worth the 15 minute line we did for it):

Gilmore Girls!

  • Hollywood! my movie buff self also had to go and take pictures throughout  Hollywood´s walk of fame!

  • Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. (a little pretty woman moment is never a bad idea)

  • Otium: After watching Final table in Netflix with my sister we definitely needed to  check this one out. Veredict: it is delicious!!

  • The broad museum: we went in unplanned as we were just with time on our hands next door and loved it!

  • The reason we were next door to the Broad is because I wanted to see the Walt Disney Concert Hall and really it was as beautiful as I had thought. 

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