2019 Oscar Recap

Fashion Recap

My favorite thing about the OScar fashion was the the fact that I love the fact that it was all about Pink! And I love me some pink! This was of course my favorite pink dress..

Gemma Chan valentino.jpg
Gemma Chan valentino

The runner ups in pink:

Kacey Musgraves in Giambattista Valli
Kacey Musgraves in Giambattista Valli
Sarah Paulson
Sarah Paulson

… but there were some other amazing ones

I also loved the Metallic trend. My favorite two:

Jennifer Lopez in tom ford
JLO in Tom Ford
Emilia Clarke in BLamain
Emilia Clarke in Balmain

OTher fab ones:

Another great trend, fabulous Black gowns

Some of my favorites from the Afterparty:


My thoughts

It really was a very boring show. I watched it on delay and went though the 3 hours in a little over one hour and it was soo uneventful. my thoughts

  • i loved Shallow! it was an amazing performance (highlight of the night)
  • i also really enjoyed Queen’s opening, although speaking of opening, I did miss a host. I miss the old song and dance numbers. Can someone bring back Hugh Jackman or Neil Patrick Harris for me.
  • Green Book was a really cute movie but best movie? i don’t know. At least it wasn’t Roma!
  • What was going on with the in memoriam, it was so boring and such a lost opportunity to bring back some life into a boring ceremony
  • Am i the only one really looking forward to Olivia Coleman as the new Queen in The Crown?


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