10 things I love about Aruba

In continuation with my 10 things I love about … travel guides, this time we are talking about Aruba.

  1. The crystalline pool like ocean – there are almost no waves and the water reaches your waist for miles. Also its beautiful and translucentcc6ae934-1ace-40f9-8861-6fb5a4852f44
  2. Pink sunsets – actually all the sunsets really, they are gorgeous, but given my love of pink, those had a special place in my heart 
  3. white sandy beaches
  4. the Ritz Carlton – The hotel we stayed in was wonderful and super convenient 
  5. SUP Yoga – I loved doing Yoga in the sea. We took a class from Island Yoga called SUP Yoga and I highly recommend it if you go.
  6. Barefoot Restaurant – The food was good and sitting in the sand is always a good idea 
  7. Pica di Papaya – so i became a fan of this Aruban condiment. I ate it with everything and took home 4 bottles. Image result for pica di papaya
  8. Aperol on the beach – The Aperols at the Ritz were amazing!
  9. Arikok National Park– – the only thing worth seeing around the island
  10. Manglar islandsWhatsApp Image 2019-08-08 at 11.41.06 AMWhatsApp Image 2019-08-08 at 11.40.43 AM

things I didn’t like

  1. it’s still island time – even in places where you think service is going to be amazing like the hotel its still at another level of urgency … which I guess is why you go to the islands but still not my favorite
  2. The natural bridge. Expectation vs. realityIMG_5683.JPG
  3. baby beach – another expectation vs reality situationIMG_5685

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