Quarantine 101: Ideas to keep you sane and entertained

We are spending a lot of time indoors. Some have more free time than others (i still have quite a bit of work during the day) but still we are finding ourselves with extra time to spare, but also with anxiety levels that need help!. So for that, this is my crowd sourced summary of cool activities to do whilst quarantined. Some things I’ve done and there are a lot of ideas from you guys as well.  Iv’e piled them up by big categories of what people say is they are doing and illustrate with more specific resources I’ve or other people have been using that help.

  • Meditation & anxiety relief – i think my meditation practice and a lot of the spiritual work i have done in the last 10 years is whats getting me through this time. Wither you meditate constantly or are trying it out for the first time there are a bunch of fabulous resources online to help you out during this time. Here are some of my favorites
    • Gabby Bernstein– i love her approach and during this time she has a lot of content coming out. Her instagram is very active right now and she just pulished a free anxiety relief workshop that is great
    • MNDFL: instagram: @mndflmeditation , a meditation space in NY has some wonderful live meditation session during the day and great resources
    • Deepak Chopra. The Chopra center has some great resources and the new 21 day meditation Challenge of Hope is a great resource right now. Also Deepak’s instagram is full of live meditations and instagramposts that are very useful
    • Sara Auster (@saraauster ) has free sound baths on Tuesdays and Thursdays on instagram live and they are amazing
    • Mind Body Green has lessons as well as great live content to follow
    • @elenabrower
    • Also check out my friends @ines_andina and @silvananova for great spanish content
  • Books: a lot of people are using their free time to catch up on reading, I’m definitely in that boat. All my book recommendations can be found here and I’ve been constantly updating all the new ones I’ve read.
    • Check out great bookclubs such as @reesebookclub and Oprah for ideas
    • go for the classics, have you read all of times 100 novels?
    • Some other good articles for inspiration:
  • Online Entertainment: The arts in a public space may be closed but the Arts are still giving us life and  love from the comfort of our TV and computer screens. So many options abound and its keeping me very entertained. Here are some of mine and my friends favorites
    • Stars in the house This is one of my favorites. Every night at 2/8EST Seth Rudetsky & James Wesley host different artists for a session with also medical commentary. This has kept me company whilst i cook/organize and highly recommend it.
    • Watch a show from your house- there are so many options
      • Met online streams: Every night the met is streaming one of its works, its a luxury to have this for free and we should take it as one of the benefits of this time
      • Berlin Philarmonicconcert hall is free now
      • Vienna State Opera has free access
      • Broadway HD  shows great full lenght old shows
      • MArquee TV
      • Andrew Lloyd Webber, is giving free access to a show every week through The Show Must Go On
    • Plenty of Museums are giving free access such as  The Louvre, UffiziVatican, Met, Tate, British Museum, Prado amongst many others
    • Living Room Concerts are amazing. I loved the fonseca one and the living room concerts being done by Broadway World. Also all of James Corden #homefest,
    • There is clearly a lot of content every day live to entertain us. One of the main questions is how to make sense of it all. Well there are pages for too. I like Play bills and Timeout’s reviews of what is happening live every day. Vulturealso does a good little summary. And there is an Instagram handle that is very useful: party from home (@pfh_partyfromhome)  with tons of free stuff from entertainment. exercise, parties etc.
    • Instagram Lives . Plenty of content to gaze here,, so many people are hosting lives and concerts from home.  I personally have been a fan of David Foster and Kat McPhee lives every night but there are so many others
    • Marie’s Crisis, in its facebook group has some great piano to sing a long
  • Learn something new Online. There are lots of things we said we would do if we have more time, so why not do the course you wanted?
    • A friend of mine suggested coding or learning a new programming language in datacamp
    • for those in colombia or want stuff in Spanish Ilustreand JCvergara are having great digital lesson
    • Broadway Weekends at Homehas some great lessons including dance, voice, acting
    • Language Classes such as Memrise
    • Take  a music lesson or learn a new intrument. Im starting with Voice lessons online which is great
    • Check the courses in Coursera, (im taking the science of well being, and a friend of mine is taking Coding Classes)  Google Online Course or 500 Free Online CoursesFrom Ivy League Schools, HarvardOnline Courses
  • Exercise – Being holed up gets stir crazy and not healthy so I’ve definitely upped my exercise game from home. A lot of people have too from suggestions I got. Here are some ideas of things you could do from home
    • NEOU – im really liking this platform, all sorts of classes, great AppleTV app and they give you a 14 day free trial so you can check it out
    • the class is great – spirituality meets excercise and through their app they are live streaming their classes
    • I am obsessed with Dance Classes and my favorite right now is doing Bollywood Dancing with Shiamak. They ave classes over youtube, instagram live and zoom and are super fun (@shiamakusa). Also Im taking a lot of dance classes from  Broadway Weekends at Home  and through instagram live with @alexofacevedo
    • Another great option to check out if you like dance is the instgram handle: @launbound. They post schedules like this with all the free online dance classes available. schedule
    • Physique 57 has live classes as well as online classes in their app
    • Suggestions from friends:
      • Popsugar Fitness youtube workouts
      • Step Ahead fitness is doing live classes
      • BeachBody Works with SHaunt T
      • 8 fit
      • Nike Training Club Gaiam’s Yoga Club
      • @evolationyoga
      • @nickyhadjithomayinyoga
  • Help others in this time of crisis we need to help each other out, and lots of people have found great comfort in donating their time, energy or money. Here are some suggestions of charities that I or my friends have wanted to help:
  • Cooking. Food is an issue right now. Ho to get it, cooking it and what to eat. I loved this Eater article on why we shouldn’t diet in Quarantine and basically do what we like and in that approach, whatever your are choosing to eat, clearly cooking is a huge part of our lives right now. A lot of people are using it a method of de stress, fun and family union (and others clearly as a need as we do need to feed ourselves.) Some Resources
    • Melissa Clarke’s cooking series on NYT (pantry based meals)
    • Jamie Oliver has good lives
    • Massimo Boutoura instagram lives
    • What’s Gabby Cooking
    • Eater at Home
    • Where to get great online recipes: all recipes, bon apetit, food network, deliciuosly ella, Canelle et Vanille 
    • Bradbucks from @bradgoreski! It’s a series about making complicated Starbucks drinks at home.
  • Watching TV: ok this one is getting its own post soon, all my recent TV recommendations will be on it and what to bing. You can also get old recs here. but send me yours. Some cool links for you in the meantime:
  • Drawing: quite a few people mentioned drawing and crafts as a way to destress pass the time!
  • Games with people online
    • If you haven’t downloaded House party what are you waiting from
    • Some friend also suggested Catan online, you can play with other people
    • Others are playing word games with families through zoom!
  • Cool videos on the internet: Ive spent a lot of my time watching cool videos on the internet, so here are some of my weekly highlights as I haven’t done a daily roundup this week. Also because Music is super important to me right now, most of these are musical!

but to sum it all up, lots of ideas above but it is also perfectly acceptable to do nothing, do you!



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