New Things I Loved on Streaming TV During Quarantine

I have not done a TV post in a long time, and since we are not doing a Fall TV preview as really Fall TV might suck in our pandemic world, what i will do is give you a recount of everything that I’ve loved of my binge watching quarantine.  What have been your favorites? I also give you at the end some of the things that will premiere soon that I’m really looking forward to.


Sweet Magnolias – This is Netflix pretty much making an ideal show just for me. This could have easily been in the Hallmark channel, but being in Netflix just upped the production values. IT is such a sweet friendship/family/small town show and everyone should watch it. Its the perfect light fare with heart and a feel good moment. Bonus points: Heather Headley is in it who i am obsessed with (however can we get her to sing, i will watch heather singing anything!

Hollywood – This is another show that of course i was going to love. I mean its based in Hollywood, its directed by Ryan Murphy, It has Darren Criss and Jeremy Pope (again can we have them sing … hey are just amazing), there was no way I was not going to like it. But it did deliver, it was smart and super relevant for this moment in time.

The English Game – Two things i love joined here: sports and period fare. A quick and beautiful story that is definitely worth a watch.

Baby Sitters Club – Netflix has really hit the mark with me this season. To preface my excitement to watch this show – i read every single Baby sitters club when i was young. I had boxes and boxes of their books (Way more than 100) and it made me the reader I am right now (and if you follow my blog you know that i like to read, a lot!). This could have gone either way either I loved it or I hated the adaptation. Gladly it went to the positive. This adaptation is gorgeous, very relevant to the current moment but guarding the nuances and heart of the books. I also loved that the kids look the right age. The movie adaptation they looked so old, here they actually look like 13 year old kids.

Virgin River – A friend of mine recommended this after I professed my love for Sweet Magnolias and I loved it. Can we have the Season 2 now? i know its already been filmed. The advertisement looked very western to me but its a great little heartfelt drama that is very cute.

Julie and The Panthoms – Kenny Ortega does it again. This is so much fun, the music is spectaculars and the actos are fabulous. Its good family musical fun (it really could have been in the Disney channel its that type of vibe) and I loved it and watched it all in one night

Never Have I Ever – This is such a fun teen show. I love high school drama/comedies and this one hits all the marks. Also this level of representation is amazing, plus how can you not love something created by Mindy Kaling

Get Even – This is not as great as the others but it was a fun, light, I dont have to think to much about it high school shows

Queer Eye Season 5 – This season was so emotional, I had so many tears!

Unorthodox – interesting and deep and a little bit distrurbing. a must watch



Little Fires Everywhere – Caveat, this was a very good series but it is nowhere as good as the book, so if you haven’t read the book,do that first and then head to the series. Having said that, Reese Whiterspoon and Kerry Washington are amazing here. The thing i didnt like: The change in the ending from the book. It did not make sense to me.

Normal People– This book has been in my to read lsit for a while and never got to it so i fell for the series first so I cant compare to the book, but the series I really enjoyed. IT was raw and real and extremely enjoyable.

The Great – it took me a while to get into this, and I liked it a bit less than I thought I would, but it was still a fun watch nevertheless.


Little Voice – I loved this. I am also obsessed with Sara Barailles so that helps. There is so much music and NY is like a main character. A must watch.

Central Park – another musical show to be enjoyed. This is smart, well written and the music is so good. Also can we discuss the talent. You have Daveed, Leslie, Josh, Kristen (yes I want to believe in my imaginary world i am on a first name basis with them, a girl can dream) 

Ted Lasso – this was a total discovery. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it but i loved it. an American Football coach going to  coach Football in England, it could have been terrible but its actually sweet, smart and funny all at the same time. Mostly it has notable acting that gets the balance just right. For you sports fans this is a must watch. 


Schitt’s Creek  – this is the only one here thats not a new show probably but during quarantine I binged the 6 seasons and I became obsessed with them. It has a slow start, but once you get to season 6 you are in love with this characters. I was in tears the last two episodes. They better win ALL the Emmys this sunday!

Love Life: Confession: i set up a 7 day free trial to watch this, as it looked up my alley and I love Ana Kendrick. Truth: I did not need the 7 days to watch this, I finished in a weekend and loved it. The concept is great, Anna doesn’t disappoint, and its a romantic dramedy for the modern world. Bonus points: New york is its own character which I love!


Belgravia – I love myself a period piece and this has all you need: good costumes, locales and tons of 19th century intrigue 

What im looking forward to watching soon:

Emily in Paris: Darren Starr meets paris, not mcuh more needs to be said

The undoing: This cast!

The crown season 4 : I love this show!

the Right Stuff: The cast, the story, the production values…

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