My Recent TV watching

It’s been almost a year since I shared my streaming TV loves last year so I Think we are due for an update. Here is what I’ve loved of what I was watching on TV this year.

My top 8 favorites of the year

Bridgerton – This was clearly not just my obsession last year but pretty much everyone elses. In case you are one of the select few who have not watched, do yourself a favor and go get immersed in their world. As i have documented in this blog, i continued my Bridgerton obsession by reading the next 4 books, so im set on backstory for the next 4 seasons (really like i could have waited 5 years to know what happens)

Ted Lasso – season 2 , this was in last years list, but Season 2 has given me some of my favorite TV moments so it requires another revisit in the list. If you are still not watching like seriously what are you waiting for. I am obsessed with this show, and their odes to Romantic comedies this season is Life (IYKYK)

Schmigadoon – this is made for theater lovers, yet none theater lovers can stay and enjoy the sarcasm and the jokes even if they don’t get all the references. You can either laugh at it or with it but it still is a fabulous show. Also can we discuss the cast? This would probably only happen when it did when every single theater actor was unemployed so they managed to get a ridiculously amazing cast. Its a must watch just for that.

Girls5eva – I absolutely adored this show. Is everything I want in a show. Light but with a lot of heart, good music and an absolutely fabulous cast. Also YES to more shows about women who are not 20. It is spectacular, the music is great and You have Sara Bareilles and Renee Goldsberry so what’s not to love.

Starstruck – Starstruck is what would probably happen if Notting Hill and Fleabag had a baby. As I am a fan of both this was the show for me. Not a lot of people know about this little show but they should. It is funny and sarcastic, but romantic all at the same time. A must watch

Mighty Ducks Game changers – I was an absolute fan of the Mighty Ducks Movies when i was growing up, and was a Joshua Jackson fan way before Dawsons Creek. So a remake of Mighty Ducks with the fabulous Lauren Graham had me at Hello. However it kept me hooked way past Hello and i adored the story and the kids. Feel good tv watching for the family right here .

A discovery of Witches – another Season 2 entry, but you have to check it out.

Shadow and Bone – a great mix of fantasy, romance and epic storytelling. A good one for fans of Game of thrones

Other Great TV I’ve watched, based on streaming platform:


Modern Love – season two of Modern Love is as good as the first. I specially liked Minnie Drivers car story and the covid travel one with Jon Snow 😉

The Pursuit of Love – just three episodes but i loved it. An adaptation of the book with Lili James who is radiant in it


The Undoing – It was a no brainer to watch given Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant were in it, but it hooked me in in storyline alone.

White Lotus – This was a hate watch for sure, but at the end i ended up super involved and pissed of at the ending, so at least I was commited?

Hacks – Spectacular acting by Jean Smart, and the humor gets to you


Never have I Ever & Virgin River Season 2 – we revisit these ones because the Second Season and third season respectively are out and they are SOOO good. Some of my favorite shows in netflix

The Crown – the latest season was probably my favorite given Diana’s appearance

Queens Gambit – such spectacular acting that is worth getting through some of the slower parts.

Ginny and Georgia – I wanted to like this more than i did, but its still a worthwhile watch with a great cast. However Gilmore Girls replacement it is not.

sex/life – this is a its so bad its good show, plus yes, Adam Devos is Hot and worth the watch!

Emily in Paris – i had it in my to watch and i loved it. The new Sex in the City, even though we are getting a new sex in the city jajaja

The Chair – i am a bit torn about this one. On the one hand Sandra Oh is spectacular as always and i loved the subject matter. On the other, i got really annoyed at certain places, a if you are bored watch recomendation

Disney +

Big Shot I of course was going to love any show with John Stamos, but its actually a really cute family show

There was also some Great Reality Tv that was watched:

Bake Squad – i watch a million cooking shows on a regular basis, but this one deserved to be included here as it is so well done. Highly recommend.

Full BLoom in HBO

Making The Cut in Prime

Top Chef

Things that I’m currently watching that I’m liking include Nine Perfect Strangers, Fantasy Island and Made For Love. And In my to watch I currently have Cruel Summer and Mare of Eastown. Any recommendations for me?

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