My Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Some people might look at my iTunes and think I’m crazy, I probably have as many christmas songs as regular songs! I love my christmas music, always have, since I was a little girl in the choir and Christmas was my favorite time of year because we got to sing Christmas Carols.So what is my ultimate Christmas playlist? My current Playlist has over 350 songs, but What I am going to give you here are my favorite Christmas albums and songs so you can make a more “select” playlist. The truly ultimate playlist are the individual songs at the bottom  plus the highlighted songs in each album:

Best Albums



Mariah Carey – Merry Xmas This is the ultimate Christmas Album. Decades later it is still played in most stores you walk into at Christmas. For me the Best songs are All I want for Xmas is You (my ALL TIME favorite Xmas song), Joy to the World and Santa Claus is Coming to Town 


Michael Buble – Christmas Michael Buble is my favorite male singer so of course I’m going to love his album. His take on these classics is great. My Favorite songs from the album are: I’ll be Home for Xmas &  Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 


Celine Dion – These Are Special Times – Another Great voice, another great album. My favorite songs are the original songs in it, like  The Prayer with Andrea Bocelli & Don’t Save it all for Christmas Time 


Glee The Music – The Christmas Album I love Glee, so of course i have the Christmas Album. The good thing about it, is that it is fabulous throughout (there are actually 2 cds) and since there are many cast members singing you get a great variety of voices and styles. It also has a lot of upbeat and ballads. My Favorite songs are  Baby its Cold Outside, River & We need a Little Christmas

josh groban

Josh Groban – Noel Very Classical Christmas songs, but great for everyone in the family


Sarah McLachlan – Wintersong – Her voice is so pure, and her take on the carols are kind of ethereal and angel like. My Favorite Songs: Song for a Winter’s Night and River


That’s Christmas – Now The Christmas Album – I got this album in the 90s from a trip my parents did in London and it still is one of my favorites. There are a lot of songs here that I have actually put below in the key songs, but it is basically a great collection of Christmas Classics by British Greats such as Elton John, Wham, john Lennon and Paul McCartney. I have to say, no one can beat the British in terms of Christmas singles.


‘NSYNC – Home for Christmas Full disclaimer: I bought this CD (yes in CD form, IPODs and Itunes where not part of the vocabulary) in the 90s, and I was a huge NSYNC fan . Regardless, Justin Timberlakes voice is amazing, and this CD hasn’t lost its appeal since. They have good original songs like my favorites Merry Xmas-Happy HolidaysUnder My Tree plus their a capella take of O Holy Night is a great singing lesson. 

Best Songs:

  • Do They Know its Christmas – BandAid – The 80s at its best and still a classic. How can you go wrong when the likes of Boy george, Phill Collins, George michael and Sting sing together 
  • Step Into Christmas – Elton John 
  • Breath of Heaven – Amy Grant 
  • Fa la la – Justin Bieber featuring Boyz 2 Men 
  • I’ll be Home For Chritsmas – Kelly Clarkson 
  • Grown Up Christmas List – Michale buble (from his other Xmas Album, let it snow)  
  • Happy Xmas (War is Over) – John Lennon 
  • This is the Time – Michael Bolton 
  • All I want for Christmas – Nota
  • Christmas Without you – One Republic 
  • Wonderful ChristmasTime – Paul McCartney 
  • Last Christmas – Wham 
  • Who Would Imagine a King – Whitney Houston 
  • I wish It Could be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard 
  • Joy to the World – Whitney Houston 
  • Go Tell it on the Mountain – Vanessa Williams 
  • Christmas Through Your Eyes – Gloria Estefan 
  • This one’s for the Children – New Kids on The Block 
    This was in their Christmas Album, thats why I include it here, but if you need something more Christmasy you can check out their song Merry, Merry Christmas
  • Baby Its cold Outside – Jessica Simpson 
    or Michael Buble & Jennifer Hudson 
  • Hey Santa – Carney & Wendy Wilson 

Its hard to pick but my top five Christmas Carols are All I want for Christmas is You, Breath of Heaven, I´ll be Home for Christmas, Grown up Christmas List,  and Go Tell it on The Monutain

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