10 Things I Love About … Buenos Aires

I hadnt done a 10 Things I love about Buenos Aires, one of my favorite cities, and since I was just there, this one is packed with photographic evidence! More than a general 10 things I love about the city, it a 10 things I love about my recent trip there … which is kind of the same:

1. Polo in Palermo



2.  The Wonderful combination of Argentinean Beef & Wine Some of my favorite restaurants: Mirasol, Sucre, Fervor, Casa Cruz

3. Dulce De Leche

Sembrado Ice Cream from Sottovocce
Flan with Dulce de Leche

4. The Alvear Hotel & The Recoleta


6. The Jacarandas in Full  Bloom: It only happens a few weeks a year in the spring and it is  beauty


7. Puerto Madero I like the area, and there are plenty of restaurants and places to go. My favorite restaurants there: sottovocce and Osaka. I also like the Hotel Faena and its bar.

8. Shopping. Shops I Love: Mishka, Perez Sanz & Tramando


Perez Sanz

perez sanz



9. Tequila’s: great nightclub

10. Having Lunch at The Garden at the Hyatt Palace hotel


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