10 things I love About …. Lima

I just went on a trip to Lima, and when thinking of doing a 10 things I love about Lima, I realized I had to have a different approach. Instead of 10 random things I love, Its all about food! My 10 favorite restaurants that I’ve been to – and in the end, some of my friends favorites. No order here.. 1-10 is just a list not in a best to worse 🙂

  1. Astrid & Gaston
  2. CentralPhotoGrid_1369760458545
  3. Fiesta
  4. MercadoPhotoGrid_1369515427336
  5. La Mar Like the one in Lima so much more than the outpost in BOgota! reat for a hangover brunchPhotoGrid_1369601167285
  6. Symposium
  7. Osaka
  8. La Gloria
  9. Costanera 700
  10. La Rosa Nautica – What I love is the view and locale (for this La Huaca Puclana gets an honorable mention)La Rosa NaĂştica. Lima

Other Favorite restaurants from my friends (which i now need to try):

  • Malabar
  • Ache
  • Rafael

what are yours?

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