Haider Ackermann @Colombiamoda

Last night I went to the opening of Colombiamoda, Colombia’s equivalent of Fashion Week that takes place in Medellin. The opening celebrated the 25 years of Colombiamoda, and the highlight was that Haider Ackermann was the special guest. I learnt recently that he is actually of Colombian decent, having been adopted by french parents when he was six months old. I love his designs (if you hadn’t realized by my PFW coverage) so I was very exited to see his show live, as well as having someone of his caliber in Colombia. The collection was a retrospective of his design. The show itself was beautifully set, the lighting was very effective (for the show, not for my pictures – it was really hard not to get blobs of light) and it created, along with the continuous smoke, great shadows to set up the mood for the collection. The setting of the event was also great, the rooftop of the EPM building in Medellin, a great industrial design, with views to the lighted city mountains. The music was a highlight too, with strong drums and very mysterious.

Colombiamoda, in partnership with UNE have the full video of the fashion show on their Facebook page, which i am linking here,

However, Here some of the pictures that I took of the event.

Starting with the end, the beautiful finale…

20130722_210019 20130722_21002420130722_205959 (1)


The Entrance

Some upclose of the designs…

PhotoGrid_1374550048953 PhotoGrid_1374550077817 PhotoGrid_1374550113585


The setting and lights effects…

PhotoGrid_1374605433169  PhotoGrid_1374605315306 PhotoGrid_1374605287554

The EPM building

Some of the coverage of the event: Eltiempo, FT, RCN, Global Post, El Nuevo Siglo, El Colombiano, Cromos

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