2013 New Fall TV Shows Watch – Part 1

So fall TV is starting and its a great time to see new shows (and maybe find some new keepers for the long list of TV shows I watch).  I made some original thoughts on the new shows based on the Upfronts in a previous post, but now it’s time to pass some thoughts based on the actual  pilots! Ill do it in a couple of stages, so as not to overwhelm, but I’ll try to watch as many pilots as I can, like I did last year in my Fall Tv Watch and let you know what I think. Once again the criteria is as follows:

  • Season Pass: I loved it, will probably watch all season and for me it’s worth Buying a Season Pass
  • So far so good: Really liking it, but will wait a little bit more for a full on commitment
  • OK but not great: Willing to give it another episode before I kill it
  • No way: definitely not seeing another episode

Ill start with those that have the pilots out in early release (Hulu Plus is awesome 🙂 and those that started this week:

Trophy Wife:

So far so Good: Im not big on comedies, I prefer my dramas and soaps, but this show is great! Malin Akerman is fabulous as the trophy wife, but i think what is worthwhile to keep coming to the show is how good the entire ensemble is. Which means its not going to be just a show about her antics, but of the good interactions with the other players (the scenes in the pilot between her and Wife no. 1, Marcia Gay Harden, are awesome and I hope they keep coming!). 

You will like this if you like: The Mindy Project, Mistresses, Devious Maids, Revenge  

Sleepy Hollow

So far so Good (but it really should be a new category – GREAT BUT MAYBE NOT FOR ME): This looks like an amazingly produced show. I loved the way the pilot set up the storyline, and the actors are all fabulous. But it is stress central! I started watching it at night and had to stop and finish during the day, it was way to scary. I think i might not be a constant watcher of this one just because as of late i go for de-stress TV and not high stakes TV

You will like this if you like:  The Haunting, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries

Back in the Game:

Ok but not great: Very cute show about the relationship of a newly divorced mother, her son and her estranged father. Probably would not wait for a new episode, but could fall into a couple of them when there is nothing else to watch.  I liked the potential i the relationships, and could be a cute story.

You will like this if you like: Old WB dramas

The Goldbergs:

No Way I love the 80s, but it just wasnt good enough for me to make a hole in my TV watching schedule. The mom especially I wanted to kill. I really liked that the X factor girl in the daughter role, but not enough to make me sign in again.

 You will like this if you like: Family Guy

Welcome to the Family:

OK but not Great. It is fun enough and the characters are engaging, but i can see that the conflicts between the two dads are going to be grating very fast.  The girl who played Lola in Gossip Girl is the lead, and she is one of the highlights on the how. And I loved Mike O’Malley as Kurts Dad in Glee but here he is a bit flat and stereotypical. Might be one to watch when there is nothing else, but not setting my DVR for it.

You will like this if you like: Raising Hope


No way. I couldnt finish watching this 20m show. That should say it all. It has stupid humor, stupid characters and stereotypical, racial and demeaning jokes. do yourself a favor and dont watch it.


No way: This is an average, not very exiting procedural. It really has nothing special that makes me want to see it again, over other procedurals on TV. not wasting time on this one. If you are big on procedurals you will like this, but I’m not wasting an hour a week on it, especially because the lead character played by Blair Underwood, is so damaged that it starts becoming irritating.  Loved seeing Spencer Grammer back on TV, but unfortunately not in something I want to see.

Also here are some good articles on the Fall TV

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