2014 New Fall TV Shows Watch


So fall TV is starting and its a great time to see new shows (and maybe find some new keepers for the long list of TV shows I watch).  I made some original thoughts on the new shows on my Fall Preview Post, but now it’s time to pass some thoughts based on the actual  pilots and episodes!I’ll try to watch as many pilots as I can, like I did last year in my Fall Tv Watch and let you know what I think. Once again the criteria is as follows: (ill rank the shows below the criteria)

Season Pass: I loved it, will probably watch all season and for me it’s worth Buying a Season Pass

  • How to get Away with Murder Such a great new show. It got me hooked from the beginning and now three episodes in it is still as strong. Viola Davis as Annalissa is fabulous, but what keeps the show going is not only her, but the great cast that is playing her students, there is a lot to love and hate. I also love that like Scandal, you have contained cases per episode, but an overaching mystery throughout the season. Do watch it its sooo good.  
  • Scorpion I was not expecting to like this show- even my upfront preview did not have it very high. Yet I could not resist this show and have already bought the season pass. I love really smart procedurals, and this one having 4 geniouses involved becomes really cool. All the characters are so flawed that they are great to watch.
  • Madame Secretary I thought I would like this and I definitely did. Tea Leoni is fabulous in the character, brilliant with an attitude! 
  • Red Band Society : Although I’m concerned with how much I am going to be crying watching this show, it is so worth it! The pilot was outstanding, the other episodes not quite to the level but i’ll keep watching.

So far so good: Really liking it, but will wait a little bit more for a full on commitment

  • Jane the virgin This was cute, interesting and had a wonderful homage to telenovelas – very little not to love for me. I will definitely keep watching and it is not a season pass yet because want to make sure it doesn’t become a boring cliché!
  • A to Z With my love of rom coms I was sure that I was going to like this, and it exceded my expectations. both characters are so adorable its sickening and you pretty much fall in love with them right away
  • Happyland Such a wonderful discovery on MTV. A 30 minute show exploring the lives of people who work at a Disney-esque park called Happyland! I am loving all the characters and as clichéd as some of the storylines are (her love interest is her half brother she did not know about) I am loving every minute of it
  • Forever: I didn’t even have this one on my radar from upfronts but watched the pilot and got hooked (and have been watching all episodes since). My only doubt is whether it will get to repetitive – but the crime of the episode approach (a la Law and Order) gives me hope
  • The Flash  I have only seen the pilot but I loved it and have a feeling its going to be part of the recurring rotation like Arrow (bonus points to the pilot for the Oliver cameo!)  

OK but not great: Willing to give it another episode before I kill it

  • The Mysteries of Laura its a bad bad show, but mildly entertaining to watch
  • Manhattan Love story of the two rom coms premiering this fall, A to Z is so much better that I have to give this one a little bit less of my love as: 1. im sure its going to get cancelled soon 2. instead of adorable I find the two leads irritating 
  • Marry Me cute but too much for me 

No way: definitely not seeing another episode

  • Blackish
  • Cristela the only thing I really liked about this show is that Carlos Ponce is in it and I find him ridiculously hot! (that is not enough to get me to watch any more episodes though)
  • Selfie I generally don’t love comedies and this one did nothing for me.
  • Bad Judge Every actor in this show could do so much better!  

New Category: great but not for me

  • Stalker the premise is good and the pilot was ok, with lots of misteries presented, yet I don’t think I can watch this show! I saw the pilot on a plane and I was terrified even though there were 200 other people with me. I think if I watch this at home im not going to sleep, so for the benefit of my sleep habits I might make a pass at this (but if you are not a scary cat like me you should check it out!) 
  • Gotham a very well made show, probably one of the best of the season, but I don’t think I have it in me for another dark comic book based show
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