7 Videos to Watch this Week

1. This video – Bailamos its an absolute beauty, and great lessons on parenting and really doing what you love. If you don’t do Spanish, there is a subtitled version of the video in DailyMotion – I just cant embed that version here – but do check it out!

2. This is the video of Malala Yousafzai amazing answer about pacifism on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – this girl is awesome!

3. I love a capella – and this version of We Own the Night a Capella done by Miley Cyrus and the Roots during the Jimmy Fallon Show is pure awesomeness.

4. Two of my favorite shows have collided. This is a great Scandal recreation by the cast of Orange is the New Black. I cant post the video here, but please go to the link 🙂

5. This resignation video was hitting the rounds around cyber space and its quite epic

6. World Order’s – Welcome to Tokyo. I had never heard of World Order before i saw this video, but they are pretty cool and I am a fan. They are a Japanese band created by former mixed martial artist, Genki Sudo. They incorporate music, slow-motion and awesome suits into a great style!

7. and in the shame on me video of the week — How had i not seen this!!!!! this is very old, but i somehow caught a glimpse of it yesterday – Its the Big Bang Theory Dance mob!

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