2013 New Fall TV Shows Watch – Part 3

I already did Part 1  and Part 2 of this season’s new shows, now its time for Part 3 (I guess a part 4 will be on the way as some shows are taking their nice time premiering).

  • Season Pass: I loved it, will probably watch all season and for me it’s worth Buying a Season Pass
  • So far so good: Really liking it, but will wait a little bit more for a full on commitment
  • OK but not great: Willing to give it another episode before I kill it
  • No way: definitely not seeing another episode


Season Pass: I think this is my favorite new show of the season . its anachronistic to a fault but i kind of loved it for it! im a big fan of period shows, and this has all the things i love about the: a mix of history, intrigue and romance. Btw the costumes are sick!


So far so Good: It is really good, but relly stressful al lat the same time. Also i feel its one of those movie type pilots where the hour is great, but you dont really know how its going to expand to 13 episodes (What more could they do). Very good show and I think a lot of you might enjoy it, i think i might just skip it for the benefit of my stress levels! 

The Originals: 

Season Pass: I loved the Vampire Diaries, and I loved Klaus, so of course this will be at the top of my watch list. It also has a lot more political intrigue and less stupid romatic triangles so I tihnk it mgiht overpass its parent!

Sean Saves the World: 

No way: It is over the top and just trying too hard, which reduces all the funny elements. It is such a shame that Megan Hilty is wasting her talent on this series, and yet Smash is cancelled. Oh well.

Witches of East End: 

So far so good: I wasn’t expecting this to be good, but it was really fun! I liked the actresses, the premise, and I think they left the pilot off in a place where you can absolutely see that there will be enough plot to carry you through the season. If you like supernatural and witches shows this one is for you. There are a couple of out there premises and some things were kind of ridiculous (the dreams! i hope they explain this!) but in general a pretty entertaining light show. Added bonus: every one in the show is Extremely attractive, a lot of eye candy!

The Tomorrow People 

So far so good: I really liked this show. Im not completely sold on how its going to be going forward but I was sold and highly entertained by the pilot! I was weary of another supernatural teen show, but it actually has a different premise (less dark, more cool powers) . bonus points, the lead character is hot!

Once Upon a time in wonderland

So far so good: I wasn’t really looking forward to this one so much, I like Once upon a time and i thought it was just overkill to extend it. however i ave to say, I might be liking this version more than its original! i still don’t understand why they did a spinoff and not kept this story to continue the original one the now an Emma storylines grow really boring. Nevertheless, i might keep watching, its fun, Alice is super engaging, and Jafar plays up an awesome villain

Super Fun Night: 

No way: I love Rebel WIlson and I think this show is an utter waste of her talents. It was grating, and i disliked it so much i didn’t even finish the episode. Why would you do this with such a talented actress? On the other hand people might love the over the top humor and this can become a great hit, but I am definitely not watching. Also , hat is up with her accent!!! Her american accent is not really working, it sounds fake and overworked!

We are Men: since it already got cancelled i guessed i saved myself the terrible time of having to watch the pilot

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