Happy 10 year Anniversary Love Actually

love actually 10

today is Love Actually’s 10 year anniversary (that somehow makes me feel old). As it is one of my all time favorite movies , I’m rounding up some cool articles about it Also some of my favorite parts of the movie. . Ive also bloged about the movie itself and the music many times before :), in Movies Great Musical Moments & soundtracks, My Favorite Christmas Movies & Flick Chicks


My Top 5 favorite parts:

  1. Poster declaration of love – how can you not love this! Love-actually-perfection
  2.  All I want for Christmas is you! I love this song (again i have said this multiple times in this blog), and she just kills it! 
  3. Hugh Grant dancing to Jump – how can you not love Hugh Grant! 
  4.  All you need is Love at the wedding: It might have become cliche by now, but at that moment, it was beautiful 
  5. The scene with Emma Thompson crying! Powerful acting at its best. It also showed the power of music in film, how a song can totally compliment a very emotional moment!

Btw if you haven’t seen Curtis new movie that opened in the US last Friday, About Time, please go see it now!!! It’s absolutely beautiful!

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