New Jewelry finds including Loren Hope, Paige Novick and #Boxerina


This a a new discovery that I am loving. Not only are their pieces  great statement additions to any jewelry closet, their prices are to die for!!! (i.e. it is not a tragedy if an earring falls out clubbing, because yes they are perfect to take on a night in the town). Some of My Favorites from their online collection are:

Pictures from the Loren Hope Website

Left to right: Abba Earrings in Electric Purple (many colors available), $68; Sarra Earrings in Crystal, $88; Luna Earring in Pixie, $118.

I got my Abba Earring in the mail yesterday and they look equally as pretty in real life. They will be used a lot this summer.


Very interesting jewelry, delicate with and edge. I saw a ring of hers in a store that made me fall in love (and explore her further) and I was very exited to know that She currently has a trunkshow at Moda Operandi. She has costume and real jewelry and both are great. Some of my favorite pieces online:

Pictures from the Paige Novick website and Moda Operandi

Christina Double Ring, $2,300; Cara Ear Cuff, $2300; Cara Elliptical Line Ring, $3,640; Miranda Flex Ring, $220;  Arc en Ciel Ear Cuff, $2,400



Dannijo is one of my favorites when it comes to jewelry, and i really like their new Boxerina Fall/Winter collection. Some of my favorite pieces

Pictures from the Dannijo website

Left to Right:TILLY The prima ballerina of the lot, $320; SAMI Second skin simplicity, $220; GWENDOLYN Let it run its course $220; ALTA Repetition and dedication, $445.

You also kind of have to love their advertisements:



This is a new discovery and it is a hit and miss for me. some of her jewelry  i find really interesting, especially the ones with pearls, yet others are just perplexingly gaudi. These were some of the things I liked:

Pictures from the Delfina Delettrez website

You cant purchase from the website but you can purchase from Opening Ceremony

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