Theatre Review: An Act of God

An Act of God


Official BlurbFour-time Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award winner JIM PARSONS (“The Big Bang Theory” and Harvey) stars in AN ACT OF GOD, a 90-minute comedy where God and His devoted angels, played by CHRISTOPHER FITZGERALD (Young Frankenstein) and TIM KAZURINSKY (“Saturday Night Live”), answer some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since Creation. He’s finally arrived to set the record straight… and He’s not holding back! Don’t miss this hilarious new play written by 13-time Emmy Award winner DAVID JAVERBAUM (“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”) and directed by two-time Tony Award® winner JOE MANTELLO (Wicked).

My Take:  This show is 90 minutes of sheer comedic brilliance. This is exactly the type of humor I like, smart, witty, highbrow and laugh in your pants funny. It shows that the writer works in the Jon Stewart show, because the humor is very similar and equally brilliant. Some of the lines are just amazing. I think my favorite was when he said, “Of course you are all assholes, i made you in my image and I’m an asshole” (I guess you had to be there). But the show is Jim Parsons, he is amazing. That is all I have to say. He makes the show, and is just a pleasure to watch. If you can, go and see this show, your funnybone will thank you.


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