Gabrielle Bernstein at Kripalu

I was having a very intense spiritual conversation last week, and I was discussing my recent trip to Kripalu and realized I never posted about it, so here goes. The weekend after my birthday I decided to take a three day break at Kripalu. There was session by Gabrielle Bernstein, Amplify Your Intuition,  who I love, so it was a perfect mix. First of all Kripalu is fabulous. Its pure to their core of yoga and health, simple and  very focused. It is definitely not like spas I’ve stayed in but so much more energetic. the frequency and energy in the place was great. Also great food. I had so much good vegetarian food, my veggie servings were insane and so tasty!


wpid-20150807_183615.jpg wpid-20150809_135942.jpg

i also had great yoga classes. I specially liked their yoga dance and a gentle yoga session I had by Jurian Hughes. she is great, and has awesome stuff in her website.

The highlight on the weekend however was seeing Gabrielle. wpid-20150808_082938.jpg

Def follow all that she does (and in my upcoming inspirational book reviews i will talk a lot about her books) but there were some great learnings from the weekend. Some of the key quotes that i wrote down in my little book and kept with me after the weekend:

  • What keeps us separated from love: fear, judgement, doubt, separation and guilt
  • Your projection is your perception
  • Making ammends is a gift you give yourself
  • Judgement of others is a judgement of ourselves
  • The outside world is a reflection of your inner condition

Also we had some great Heart kriya meditations and with a wonderful soundtrack. Her spotify mix was amazing, two of my favorite songs:

Two great situations that arose, or serendipitous moments of the weekend:

  1. Discovering the you can heal your back book. Gabrielle started talking about it, and i had been dying of back pain for the last two weeks. Decided to check it out immediately and it was mind blowing!
  2. meeting Jenny Ferig  – we randomly sat next to each other in one of the session – she was so nice and turns out she is a great motivational speaker and author. She very kindly gave me her book with a great inscription See below and check her out!!!PhotoGrid_1443449492899

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