Food Picture Diaries: A tasting menu night with Rafael Osterling in Bogota

Last night was a wonderful night of food and drinks at Rafael in Bogota. Rafael Osterling was actually in town, and it was a tasting menu, based on Latin American flavors. Of course we not only did the menu but the full drinks pairing. Here’s what was in store for the Menu:


Food: Trio: Cubanito, Humita & Patacon/ Cocktail: Carmen Miranda This trio was spectacular. Its really hard to say which was better. The cubanito, the tiny sandwich in the middle was so good, with a taste of banana to it. Also the Humita (on the right) was so sweet and good against the shrimp. A great way to start. The drink, i don’t even remember what was in it but it was Good! one of those – it tastes so good i don’t even taste the alcohol ones that can be really dangerous!


Tiradito Sochura de corvina/ Drink: San Pedro de Yacochuya  First the drink. I really am not a white wine person, but this one i enjoyed. Fruity aroma but dry to the taste which is a great combination. AS for the tiradito – amazingness!! the puree underneath was just spectacular.


Tacos Dorados de Entrana/ Drink: Cerveza Raquel The tacos were made from beans and it gave it such and interesting feel and texture, it kind of tasted like hard refried beans (in a good way). The tasting of the filling of course was spot on.


Pesca envuelta en Bijao/ Wine: Luca Probably my favorite dish and wine together. A luca wine is always great so no complaints there. And the broth in this fish was spectacular. Hints and depth of spiciness kept appearing, and it was lovely.


Asado de Tira Rostizado/ Wine: Tikal Patriota This was a very solid and good dish, yet probably my least favorite of the night. basic not great.


Xocolatl & Mezcal/ Sweet Wine: Catena Zapata of course i didn’t have this dessert it wasn’t gluten free, but the sauce was and it was amazing, and the sweet wine (Which again not usually a fan of) actually was very enjoyable.wpid-img-20151002-wa0007.jpg

Sandia and Aguardita: a great take an a palate freshner!


Caipirinha and Pisco Sour: I don’t know how i did not take a picture of this. There were the most amazing little gummies one of each flavor. I wanted to take a bagfull home

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