Food Picture Diaries: Mexican Night at Rafael


Yesterday we had a fabulous meal at Rafael, where he made a Mexican Inspired Menu. Since we are adventurous in our eating (it could also just be called pigs) we just decided to try everything in the menu to share to see how it was!

Here was the menu and food:

Guacamole al Molcajete & Totopos (Guacamole and Chips) One can never go wrong with guacamole I say. However the highlight here were the tortilla chips – so light and airy they seemed almost baked, not heavy at all. 


Taco Emperador de Mero Crocante y Camaron (Seabass and Shrimp Taco) Unfortunately I didn’t have this one as it had breaded fish, but it was a resounding hit at the table


Taco Lenador de Pato (Duck Taco)  Loved this taco. It was so good we asked for a second one. It has a little spice but not overwhelming so, and the duck was perfectly cooked, melt in your mouth. The amount of onion was just right to give sharpness but not overwhelm the flavor


Aguachile Baja California de Salmon y Jalapeno  (salmon and Jalapeno Mexican Ceviche) Light but balanced flavors. The star was the super fresh and beautiful salmon (which given that we were in Bogotá is quite an event).


Pulpo Taternado & Aguacate  (Octopus and Avocado) Tender and well cooked, although definetly not the star dish of the night, more basic than the other dishes and very similar to what’s usually in the menu


Tostadas de Atun con Chipotle  (Tuna Tostadas with Chipotle) They didn’t have tuna so we got Salmon Tostadas. Super simple and super delicious. We did add some extra of the guacamole salsa to give it more kick.


Pesca de Mole Rojo Nuevo y Chayota  (Fish in New Red Mole Sauce) – Beautifully cooked fish. The mole was flavorful but mild. It was inventive in that it was more of a soup sauce than the usual thick mole presentation, which gave it a curry feel. This, with the rice made a great mexico meats india combination (and realyl who doesnt love beuatifully cooked rice with a gorgeous sauce)


Arrachera en Salsa Macha de Chile Poblano, Tomatillo& Patatas (Flank Steak with Chile Poblano sauce, potatoes and tomatillo). This was probably my least favorite entree. It was still good and the seasoning in the meat was great, but the meat was a bit passes its ideal temperature more towards medium well than medium rare. Also compared to the burst of flavours of the other sauces it just didn’t compare.


Lechon con Mole de Almendra & Elote (Suckling pig in Almond and Corn Mole Sauce). This was my favorite entrée. The pig was cooked perfectly, melt in your mouth but not to greasy and it didnt have such a stringent flavour that some of the suckling pig has. This Mole was super flavourful yet not heavy which at night is a great mix.


The only one we didn’t try on the menu Was a Tuna with Green Sauce.:) The drinks were also great, here is the great presentation of a Mexican style Mule: img_4399

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