Latam’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017, Trying Quintonil and other Food News

Whilst the Latam 50 best restaurants were being announced, I was having a fabulous meal at newly minted no. 6 restaurant, Quintonil. A fabulous place, here is some pictorial evidence of our meal, before discussing the list. A must visit in Mexico, it is right up there with Pujol in my favorite place in Mexico, but i might have to give it to Pujol by a small edge.

  • Charred avocado tartare with “escamoles” and Mexican Herb Chips – so many wonderful textures and flavors. I love avocado and this was a perfect presentation of it IMG_3122
  •  Artichoke Tamal –  we ordered this because part of the money by ordering it was being donated to earthquake relief, ut it turned out to be excellent IMG_3124
  • “Salbut” with wild mushrooms confit in agave honey, seasoned with chile mix powder and corn the flavors of this were absolutely spectacular. I didn’t have that high expectations and it was amazingIMG_3105
  • Catch of the day in Burnt Chipotle, pumpkins and grilled pineapple – spicy and fresh all at the same time IMG_3121
  • Turkey in “recado negro” sauce scented in cacao husks, vegetables and burnt onions –  Althoguh not the best dish of the night, it was still delicious and the recado begro sauce was spectacularIMG_3109
  • Dessert and final touches: I loved how the herbal teas were brough, with different mixes of fresh herbs. absolutely delicious. The palate clenser was A cactus sorbet that was weird but very appealing. Dessert was Guanabana rocks with caramelized white chocolate. It was good, but the leat special part of the meal.

LATAM 50 BEST 2017

Do I agree with the list? it’s not bad but I don’t love it. i like Maido i truly do, but i like Central, Pujol and Quintonil much better. I didn’t like that dulce patria got taken off, yet i have to go to some of the new ones in to see if they are worthy replacements. Same with Aramburu, I think it’s too low.

here’s what made the list (with my coverages liked to them – I’ve been to 22 out of 50, still lots of eating to do.)

  1. Maido, Lima, Perú
  2. Central, Lima, Perú
  3. D.O.M., São Paulo, Brasil
  4. Pujol, México City, México
  5. Boragó, Santiago, Chile
  6. Quintonil, México City, México
  7. Astrid y Gastón, Lima, Peru
  8. A Casa do Porco, São Paulo, Brasil
  9. Maní, São Paulo, Brasil
  10. Tegui, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  11. Sud 777, México City, México
  12. Osso Carnicería y Salumería, Lima, Perú
  13. Don Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  14. 99, Santiago, Chile
  15. La Mar, Lima, Perú
  16. Lasai, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  17. Harry Sasson, Bogotá, Colombia
  18. Leo, Bogotá, Colombia
  19. El Baqueano, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  20. Maito, Panamá City, Panamá
  21. Isolina, Lima, Perú
  22. Parador La Huella, José Ignacio, Uruguay
  23. Olympe, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  24. Rafael, Lima, Perú
  25. Pangea, Monterrey, México
  26. Chila, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  27. Mocotó, São Paulo, Brasil
  28. Gustu, La Paz, Bolivia
  29. Nicos, México City, México
  30. Malabar, Lima, Perú
  31. Biko, México City, México
  32. Amaranta, Toluca, México
  33. Ambrosia, Santiago, Chile
  34. Corazón de Tierra, Valle de Guadalupe, México
  35. Rosetta, México City, México (Nueva entrada)
  36. Alcalde, Guadalajara, México (Nueva entrada)
  37. Elena, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  38. Restaurante 040, Santiago, Chile (Nueva entrada)
  39. Máximo Bistrot, México City, México (Nueva entrada)
  40. Villanos en Bermudas, Bogotá, Colombia (Nueva entrada)
  41. Esquina Mocotó, São Paulo, Brasil (Nueva entrada)
  42. Laja, Valle de Guadalupe, México (Nueva entrada)
  43. La Docena Oyster Bar & Grill, Guadalajara, México (Nueva entrada)
  44. Aramburu, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  45. Tuju, São Paulo, Brasil
  46. Fiesta, Lima, Perú
  47. Amaz, Lima, Perú (Nueva entrada)
  48. Crizia, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Nueva entrada)
  49. Proper, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Nueva entrada)
  50. Mishiguene, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Nueva entrada)

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