Video Roundup: 2017’s Best Holiday Ads

Christmas ads are amazing. They are like mini movies of holiday cheer (and i am obsessed with christmas movies and the holidays) I usually blog about my favorite ads of the year, and I think this year the price goes to Marks And Spencer – Paddington And The Christmas Visitor. It’s so cute, and how can you not love Paddington?

Other ads that I love:

John Lewis – Moz The Monster  – it wasnt as good as previous years  – Monty the Penguin is still my favorite, but still it is amazing. John Lewis generally doesn’t disappoint when it comes to Xmas ads 

A Christmas Love Story (Vodafone UK) – i got so many Love Actually vibes from this commercial – just wonderful

Apple – Sway  – loved the artistry, loved the cinematography of it. IT was extremely romantic yet original and not cheesy. So good! 

Other Greats but not brilliant 

Heathrow Airport – Heathrow Bears – an airport tear-jerker!

Amazon – Give – loved it, and the song is amazing! 

Asda – Best Christmas Ever how can you not like a Charlie and the Chocolate factory theme!  

Debenham’s #youshall  short but sweet and how can you not love 1. a cinderella theme 2. ewan mcgregor (that might be my moulin rouge obsessed self talking) 

HP – Create Wonder in your world  – a gorgeous spot on neighbours coming together around the holidays

David Jones – Now It Feels Like Christmas – some gingerbread and travelling goodness

The rest for your viewing pleasure (and to see if your favorite is different)

Spanish National Lottery – Danielle  – i have to say this was a bit of a disappointment. although an 18 minute epic one, it does not hold a candle to the beautiful family ad of 2015 of the mannequin shop or 2016;s family one

Waitrose – Christmas together – sweet but not excellent

Lego – Christmas Film 2017 

Tesco – Everyone’s Welcome  – gathers the family holiday feeling, but its nothing spectacular

Argos – Ready For Take Off  – more original than others, but not heartwarming so it really doesnt go as up on my list

House of Fraser – Bring Merry Back 

Matalan – Creating Value In Every Moment – one for dog lovers

McDonald’s Carrot Stick Christmas – 

Audi – Parking lot – it’s a cool concept but a little bit too competitive and non christmasy for me (is that a word? can we make it a word?)  

Old Spice  – Ye Olde Exploding Yule Log 

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot – not realyl up to par  

Toys ‘R’ Us UK – Geoffrey The Part Time Reindeer  – 

Macy’s Lighthouse  

Coca-Cola – Gogglebox Meets Coca-Cola’s “Holidays Are Coming” 2017 

Pandora – Do get what you wish for 

Myer – Elf’s Journey 

TK MaxxA White Christmas

eBay – Don’t Shop Like Everybody Else 



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