Tatistidbits Gift Guide 2017: Tech Toys and Stocking Stuffers

I’m starting again with my gift guides this year ( a little later than usual but it’s been a busy year). First up Tech toys and Stocking Stuffers. To see what was in the list last year, Here is the Link for Tech gifts and Stocking Stuffers 2016 edition, which are all still super relevant this year.  As always all the links take you directly to where you can buy this online if you are interested.

gift guide 2017new (9).png

  1. Polaroid Cube+ LIVE STREAMING 1440p Mini Lifestyle Action Camera , $ 148 – Polaroid is killing it in cool gadgets this year
  2. Polaroid Draw – 3D Printing Pen, $80 – another cool Polaroid gadget, I havent used it, but I really want to and that says a lot
  3. DJI Spark, Portable Mini Drone, $390 – Its small and easy to use. It has a selfie mode and a really good price range for how good of a drone it is. Very recommended.
  4. Navdy Heads Up Display & GPS Navigation , $400
  5. Echo Spot – Black, $130 – a great companion for all other devices and Echos, that’s why I have two on the list.
  6. Impossible Project I-1 Analog Instant Camera, $150 – Analog is meeting digital.
  7. Amazon Echo Show, $230 – The new Echo just looks Cool!
  8. New Kindle Oasis E-reader, $250 – My personal new favorite gadget.  I am a kindle addict, I read way to many books, but I always had an issue with the fact that I liked to read close to water (reading in the tub is a must!) this solves that issue as it is waterproof. This was a gift to myself earlier this year when it came out and I am loving it
  9. Google – Chromecast Audio – Black, $25
  10. GoPro HERO 5 Black $385 – For extreme travel documentation (or regular travel, it works great as well)
  11. Iphone X – a little cliche, but it still is one of the top tech toys to give this year



gift guide 2017new (8).png


  1. Pocket Wine Aerator, $20 – I can see plenty of my friends (me including) carrying this in our pockets or purses.
  2. ban.do Women’s Compliment Pencil Set, $10 – because all women can use some complimenting
  3. PopSockets, $10 – pop sockets are amazing and everyone should have one. They changed the way I interact with my phone
  4. Matcha Whisk, $30
  5. Fredericks & Mae Paper Games: Dots & Boxes  $16
  6. SEPHORA COLLECTION La Piñata, $30
  7. PomPom Mini Emergency Kit, $18 – The Usual pinch provision but with a cute twist
  8. Orbit Card $40 – this might be one of the most interesting gadgets this year for me. I mentioned it as well on Oprah’s favorite things, but it bears repeating. I’m still waiting to receive mine, and looking forward to it.
  9. Thirst Aid Kit, $14 – girls night companion!
  10. Vacu Vin ® Snap Wine Thermometer, $5
  11. Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Sauce Keychain Bottle, – this is just too cool for all the spice lovers in your life ( I have a few in mine who i know would obsess over this)




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