Beautiful Christmas Ads from John Lewis and Spanish Lottery

I am all about getting into the Holiday Spirit today! As I feel Europe is definitely winning the Christmas advertisement wars, thought i should share some holiday cheer from across the pond. I included the new Sainsbury ad in my Video Roundup (which was almost as good as theirs in 2014, but not quite), but I think we needed a post just of fabulous Christmas Commercials.

Spanish Lottery This ad is spectacular, a must watch. I had tears in my eyes by the end of it. It really makes you think what the holidays are all about. I also love commercials that are universal, its not about the language they are but the feeling they convey! I also dare you to keep a dry eye! (although I’m a crier so maybe its just me!)

John Lewis John Lewis is always spectacular in terms of Christmas Ads. Last year’s Monty ad was just too cute. This year John Lewis Christmas Advert is Man on the Moon. It has beautiful music, super well made and super cute. However it just doesn’t get to me like last years Monty one, or the Spanish Lottery one, it didst have the pull at your Heart string feel.

The Telegraph has a cool link where you can see all the adverts that John Lewis has had since 2007 and vote on your favorite. Those two above are my favorite but there are other great commercials from across the pond, that I link here for your perusal:

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