Theater Reviews: Clueless and Cher Show


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Official Blurb: SUPERSTARS COME AND GO. CHER IS FOREVER. For six straight decades, only one unstoppable force has flat-out dominated popular culture — breaking down barriers, pushing boundaries, and letting nothing and no one stand in her way. The Cher Show is her story, and it’s packed with so much Cher that it takes three women to play her: the kid starting out, the glam pop star and the icon.  The Cher Show is 35 smash hits, six decades of stardom, two rock-star husbands, a Grammy®, an Oscar®, an Emmy®, and enough Bob Mackie gowns to cause a sequins shortage in New York City, all in one unabashedly fabulous new musical

My take: The Cher show delivered completely on my expectations. Its fun and campy and it has fabulous costumes! (Thank you to one of my idols Bob Mackie) It made me happy whilst I was watching it, and it left me humming I could turn back time in my head for a few days, which I think is a mission accomplished for this show. Also Stephanie Block is spectacular as the “diva” Cher, her voice is on point and she was fabulous throughout.


Official BlurbAmy Heckerling takes us back to 90s Beverly Hills with this musical version of her beloved film Clueless, a modern spin on Jane Austen’s Emma. With her singular voice, she gives us a score that reimagines 90s hits into ingenious parodies and yearning monologues for her lovesick characters. Director Kristin Hanggi (Rock of Ages) and choreographer Kelly Devine (Come from Away) drive this fresh take on the story of Cher, a girl so psychotically optimistic she can’t see that her bungling attempts at playing Cupid disguise her own fashion-plated isolation.

My take: And on the same day as the Cher show, I got to see another Cher. Another nostalgia trip this time to the 90s that took me very happily back to high school. I was obsessed with this movie growing up, and had high expectations for this show. It did not disappoint. The show keeps the heart of the move, just adding a little bit of music to it. And the music is fabulous. Great hits from the 90s but with changed lyrics. I was a happy camper (sorry had to go for the pun) and had a blast for 2 hours. The highlight: Dove Cameron is amazing as Cher. I did not doubt it as I really enjoyed her from the Descendants movies but live she lives up to the hype. Go see it before it closes. As if.

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