Trying out the World’s 50 Best: A Double Feature at Disfrutar

During my recent trip to Barcelona, we decided to go to Disfrutar with my sister. We loved the menu so much we decided to come back the next day with our father, as we wanted him to try it, and they helped us with an opening. So here is the pictorial feast that was Disfrutar, and the two menus that we did. I mean twice in two days, means I highly recommend this restaurant!

GRAN CLASSIC – the first day we did the Gran Classic (with some modifications for my gluten allergy) and it was my favorite! here is what was had

  • lengua helada de pasion con ron (iced tongue of passion with rum): basically an aperitiv in physical form
  • La remolacha que sale de la tierra (the beetroot that leaves from the dirt): So i was very hesitant about trying this as I HATE beetroot but this was surpringly enjoyable – I know we were off to a good start if they made me eat beetroot and appreciate it
  • Lichi y rosas a la ginebra
  • Candy salado de nueces con mango, haba toka y whisky: basically salted peanut candy with mango weird but kind of great.
  • Sidra casera ahumada al momento (smoked homemade apple cider) This was really cool not only did they make it in the table they also smoked it there
  • Coca pizza sin harina – this was the first deviation from the original menu. My sister had what was her favorite bite her e(So im including the picture below which was egg with mushrooms. I had this gluten free pizza that was to die for so i cant complain.img_5992img_6003
  • Sadwich de gazpacho con guarnicion olorosa de vinagre (gazpacho sandwich)- this had to be one of my favorite bites of the whole meal. It is made of merengue and ice cream basically but completely tastes like gazpacho and it was just too good. (spoiler alert they did not repeat this one the second day and it was the one i wanted repeated the most)img_5998
  • La gilda del disfrutar – this was basically anchovies (not my fave but pretty well managed here) and a fake olive. Very creative if flavours were not my favoriteimg_6074
  • Pesto multiesfericos con pistachos y anguila – (pesto with anguila) this was another change for me, but delicious and lightimg_6002
  • Ceviche en deconstruccion (deconstructed ceviche) – i loved this dish. It is basically all the flavours of the ceviche but in liquid and sorbet mode. It totally tasted like a ceviche, so deliciousimg_6006
  • Conserva de navajas y algas a la sal- basically instead of salt crusted fish, we got salt crusted navajas. The presentation of it at the table was spectacular. The taste was good but nothing more than a perfectly cooked navajaimg_6011img_6012
  • Nuestros macarrones a la carbonara – the highlight of the meal in consensus for all. The pasta is made out of beef gelatin and the foam carbonara sauce is just spectacular!img_6019
  • Polvoron de tomate y caviaroli de arberquina (tomato biscuit)
  • Ensalada liquida (liquid salad)  – this might have been more creative before the onset of green juice. It was a cool and serviceable drink but it really was nothing more than green juice with tomato foam on topimg_6021
  • langostino en suquet
  • capuccino de suquet – so much flavor here in both its presentations. Deliciousness.img_6023
  • tatin multiesferica de maiz y foie – this was so creative, a tart tatin but with recreated corn (yes they are not real corn) and foie – so creative and very tastyimg_6026
  • pichon pibil  (pigeon pibil) – perfectly developed pibil sauce and the fact that they used pichon was really creative.img_6028
  • Bombon de pichin y foie-gras – not my favorite bite
  • Pepino Hoisin – my type of dessert, refreshing and not too sweet. Lots of cucumber and sesame img_6030
  • Cornete de sesame negro  (black sesame cornet) – I think my sisters was better, but this was the gluten free option and it was good enough, just needed to be a tad more sweet4d8249b2-e9b2-4c76-9c6b-331acce4ca24
  • pimientos de chocolate, aceite y sal – this wins 100 points in creativity, even if chocolate is not my thing. The red one is a chili chocolate mousse and the green one is a mint chocolate mousse. So creative!
  • tarta al whisky – this is a play with your food type of dessert and i loved it. Basically the whisky went in your hand and then you had the bite.img_6036
  • Algodon de cacao de menta – beautiful presentation, even though  did the cotton candy have to be mint chocolate flavored??img_6043

So for the Second Visit we did the Disfrutar menu. Here is what we had

  • Americano: another aperitiv in ice cream form. I liked the passion fruit more but this is still really nice startimg_6072
  • La guilda del Disfrutar: a repeatimg_6074
  • Sidra casera ahumada al momento
  • la reflexion de la nuez – this was very interesting but a bit boring in flavor. img_6075
  • Corazon de Nuez verde con queso idiazabal – same as above. So interesting in terms of technique and making the nuts change its structure so incredible. Flavor thought it was nice not amazing
  • Rama de la albahaca
  • Polvoron de Pesto
  • Pesto multiesferico con pistachos y anguila – same img_6078
  • Coca pizza sin marina – same as other menu, here a picture of the side table presentation 
  • Huevo a la carbonara con setas y trufas de verano (carbonara egg with mushrooms and truffles) – such perfectly cooked egg and truffles are never a bad idea. 
  • Apionabo negro
  • Altramuz de almendra
  • Merluza con escabeche de almendras y sauco – a study in almonds and fish – delicious.
  • Coco con caviar – such a gorgeous bite – i was hesitant as it was the gluten free version but it was soo good and a combination that i would never have thought off
  • Salsa rosa: This was really cool, basically a shrimp cocktail in liquid form. Trust me it taste WAY better than it sounds.
  • Crujiente de gamba y mango
  • consome de gamba: Such delicate combinations and so good together. I could eat a bag full of these crujientes. Perfect little chips. And that consomme could lift the dead
  • Langostino con chilli, sandia y huevo de codorniz: The ingredients sounded weird together (shrimp, chilli, egg and watermelon) but the final combination was a perfectly balanced delicious bite
  • Hueso de pollo al ajillo (garlic chicken bones) This was a total test of the senses. You probably saw my poll of this in Instagram and more than half the people confused the real bones with the fake. So you had crispy skin on real bones and fake bones made ok chicken to eat. Delicious and super playful. 
  • Pichon con mole y maiz – clearly pichon was the protein of the week/month and here another beautiful preparation. The mole was deep and developed and the pichon perfectly cooked. 
  • Pepino Hoisin – same as the night before 
  • Cornete de sesame negro – same as the night before
  • Coquitos – multiple takes on coconut that proved altogether quite forgettable 
  • Fosil de pulpa de cacao – another forgettable dessert – not bad just not something I will remember
  • Algodon de cacao de menta – same as night before

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