2020 Gift Guide: For the Home

After advents, the first guide is an extended three part on Home stuff: General Home, Drinks Guide and Books and Candles . This year we have been spending so much more time at home, I think this is a great place to start. I always put new things in my gift guides, but if you want more options – or go for the classics check out past years Home guides: 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, as well as drinks guide for 2019 and the 2018 wellness guide for some more candles.

First up some general home and kitchen ideas:

  1. Crux3.7-Quart Touchscreen Electric Air Fryer I am obsessed with my air fryer and quarantine just made me even more obsessed. Regular airfryers have been in the guide before but this time I’m including this one for two reasons, one, the price and two i am obsessed with the pink color
  2. Ooni Koda Pizza Oven This just looks very cool, especially for those who have a yard for Pizza nights
  3. self watering smart garden for those who do not have a garden this is another option
  4. The Meater Block is a tech toy to get all cooking temperatures right.
  5. I’ve done a lot of cooking the last months, and I can say that a Le Creuset is everyone’s best friend in the kitchen. no one will not appreciate this gift
  6. Vitamix 068051 FoodCycler – for those who want to do their own composting
  7. Garden Jar Herb Kit – this is a really cute gift to grow your own herb garden. Not only is it useful but aren’t the jars so pretty?
  8. vitruvi Move Diffuser I love a good diffuser (There have been a lot in previous guides) but this one is new and the tech is improving – i might need to get this for myself to try it
  9. I Know My Worth Porcelain Vase I bought this vase for me, and am very happy loading it up with my weekly flower order. For any single or empowered girl in your life, this is a great gift
  10. Revolution Smart Toaster  – this is a total extravagant gift, but isn’t it so cool?
  11. Kohler Moxie® Showerhead + Wireless Speaker I saw this during CES in Vegas and its so cool! I am definitely getting this for my house
  12. Acid League Experimental Editions Holiday Kit I’ve been eating quite healthy and salads have become a go to so I’m always trying to find new ways to up my dressing game. I think these very original vinegars might be it.

Next, Drinking Gifts, the new category that I started last year for those who love a good coffee, tea, wine or spirit

  1. Corkcicle 16oz Coffee Mug I love all Corkcicle products and this is the new one for 2020. Keeping tea and coffee war is always a good idea.
  2. Infused Cocktail Ice Cubes For the aspiring bartender
  3. Matcha Maker Starter Kit I get more and more matcha obsessed by the minute and this seems like a matcha nespresso
  4. Bourbon Bitters Bundle: Woodford Reserve
  5. Williams Sonoma Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars Chocolate and wine tasting anyone?
  6. iSommelier Smart Decanter This new tech toy for the wine lovers is getting me very excited!
  7. brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker
  8. Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass As an avid wine drinker, I have to say these are the best glasses. After asking at all the good restaurants the brand of the glasses it has just become a consensus now. Sow if you want to splurge for the wine lover this might be it
  9. Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator
  10. Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker So you can have good coffee on the go!
  11. Carter Everywhere Mug

I love candles and I love books so i figured why not make it its own home category. As always check out past guides for more options, but these are some new additions for this years, an in books, Im focusing on cookbooks!

  1. Calm and Cure Candle Gift Set
  2. Candlefish no. 78 I discovered Candlefish whilst i was in Charleston and now I am obsessed. Especially this candle might be my new signature home scent: Pumpkin, Gingerbread & Vanilla and. But their library is huge so I’m sure that there is a scent for you or your loved one. Also bonus points their price point is pretty decent vs other higher end candles
  3. homesick Birthday Party Candles
  4. homesick Nutcracker candle homesick is such a cool and interesting brand. And this year we’ve missed out on so much that this could be a really funny gift. Instead of a birthday party, we get birthday party candles and instead of going to the ballet to see nutcracker, let’s see it online and light up this scent.
  5. Rewined Malbec and Champagne candles Another find from the Candlefish people, and these are wine inspired candles! i particularly liked the smell of malbec and champagne (and those are my favorites so there you go) but you can gift them their favorite type (with a bottle to go with it, a great gift pack)
  6. Loewe Honeysuckle and Juniper Berry wax candleholder Loewe has gone full luxury on the candle market and these are gorgeous
  7. Rose Apothecary Candle Schitt Creek this is the gift for the Schitt’s creek lover in your life. This etsy site is great and has lots of cool funny candles for gifts but I was particularly drawn to rose apothecary. After binging on 6 seasons this year, I kind of wished i could shop with David and Rose’s
  8. Crushed Mint & Bourbon Candle
  9. Candlefish Cosmopolitan and other Cocktail Collection Candles The last of the Candlefish entries here, these are cocktail based!
  10. Book are always a good idea, and cookbooks are wonderful. These are some of my favorites this year: Ottolenghi Flavor: A Cookbook I love ottolenghi and his new book is as beautiful as the others (yes i obviously preordered it) Deliciously Ella Making Plant-Based Quick and Easy, has been my go to book during quarantine. These three i haven’t ordered but are in my wishlist Dishoom (one of my favorite restaurants in London) Five Ingredient Vegan and East

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