2019 Gift Guides: Tech Toys, Drinks and under $50

As it is tradition, I’m pulling some gift guides together for the holiday season. Please note that I never repeat ideas, so all my old gift guides are still VERY relevant gifts, these are the things that are looking appealing to me this year. We are doing this in two parts..

TECH GIFTS: I love tech gifts, and here you have the whole gamut. From simple and cheap options to ridiculous, but included them in case anyone is looking for that (and as a very aspirational I wish i had the budget for that)

gift 2019

  1. Courant Catch:2 Multi-Device Wireless Charger – Im all about multi device charging and this is sleek and functional. I will be getting this for myself. Bonus points it was one of oprah’s favorite things this year
  2. Sony DPT-CP1/B 10” Digital Paper  – although this could be acomplished with my laptop, the simplicity of design kind of made it appealing.
  3. Pocketalk Language Translator Device – for the traveller in your life
  4. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set  – this is so cute. You can send messages that reach the other person. Yes you could say you could do the same with an apple watch, but this is way cheaper and its smaller.
  5. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug – i love tea and coffee so how can i not include this
  6. Theragun G3 Percussive Therapy Device – i have been reading about this a lot – and im so curious to try it
  7. Airfly wireless headphone transmitter
  8. Magic Hands™ truShiatsu™ Neck & Back Massager – because i will always be interested in checking out new massage options
  9. Normatec REcovery Foot System  – i have been seeing athletes and performers in my feed use this, and found it cool that it could be purchased (even at a pretty steep price)
  10. Air pods Pro  – always a great gift. Even though im partial to the non inner ear ones (i might be the only one, inner ear ones hurt) this will be a hit gift, especially with teens in your life
  11. 1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds – these have some great reviews
  12. Bose FramesAudio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones – so i have not used these, but don’t they seem cool
  13. The Mirror–  i want thing in my life. I might not be able to afford it but i want it.

COOL THINGS UNDER 50 – I was discussing upcoming secret santa and white elephant gifts and all the below are cool things that will not break the bank

gift 2019 (1)

  1. BEACOO Stand for iwatch, Charging Stand Dock Station for AirPods Stand Charging Docks Holder – i bought this for myself and I am loving it – i have to many gadgets and this is an easy way of remembering to charge them all
  2. Tile Slim– i have the smaller ones and they make for great gifts
  3. Huzi Infinity Pillow 
  4. The Best Damn Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions: A Flowchart Book  
  5. Mini Size Cactus Humidifier
  6. Pinch Provisions – anything from pinch provisions is always a good idea
  7. Yoga in a Cup– great design and a mindful gift.
  8. Pocket Astrology
  9. TableTopics Dinner Party Edition: Questions to Start Great Conversations – they have many topics and are great dinner party conversation starters
  10. Bicycle Repair Kit – given how many of my friends are obsessed with cycling, this is a great stocking stuffer alternative
  11. Mindfulness Card Set
  12. Five Two Silicone Straws– there are so many options of reusable straws, but i thought these looked really cool, and the carrying packaging looks very useful. A great gift, at the right price and very socially conscious
  13. Seven Days of Self-Care Advent Calendar–  I love advent calendars and this joins two things i like: mindfulness and beauty products!

DRINKING GIFTS – this is a funny new category. I realized a lot of the options i was gravitating towards involved a common theme – drinking! I don’t just mean alcoholic drinking, but all sorts of drinking. I think my friends are very much into wine, also they appreciate a good coffee, great tea and a well made cocktail. This made me do a new category- drinking! all the accessories or drinks themselves, for when a beverage is in order whether the cold/hot, alcoholic or not variety

gift 2019 (3).png

  1. Host Freeze Old Fashioned Bourbon 3312, Insulated Plastic Scotch Cocktail Tumbler 
  2. Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-over Kettle For Coffee And Tea – this is pretty design and useful all at the same time
  3. PortoVino City Wine Tote  – ok i included this as a joke, but wouldn’t it make the best gag gift? We all have a mom friend who would totally get a kick out of this
  4. Wine Condoms | Wine & Beverage Bottle Stopper – This is funny and useful, what more do you want in a gift
  5. Casa Dragones Tequila – i don’t like tequila-  i like this tequila, that says a lot. The drinking discovery of the year in my family.
  6. Merlot Infused Coffee (because we all have someone that would love a wine meet coffee gift) and Glacce Crystal Elixir Water Bottle (because what if our water was a bit more mindful)
  7. Uncorked Candles – i love gifting candles and these are a great idea for the wine lover in your life.
  8. 24 days of tea  (this is my favorite advent calendar and i gift it a lot) and Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist (because books are always a good idea)
  9. WINE LINES Stretchable Silicone Drink Marker Bands  and Gin Lovers Playing cards  – a cute and different stocking stuffers
  10. CouchCoaster – The Ultimate Drink Holder for Your Sofa, Jet Black – i need this in my life and I’m sure I’m not the only one!
  11. Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine for the Home Bar – this is to the very high end of the gifting spectrum, but it looks amazing!
  12. Black Foam roller water bottle  a water bottle and a roller – a wonderful 2 in 0ne
  13. Chambong Mini
  14. Easy Handheld Frozen Cocktail Maker – because making frose is always a good idea
  15. Because having the right travel mug is always important two good options: This is Probably Wine Travel Mug(because its funnyand Ecoffee Cup Reusable Cup – because its pretty but most importantly eco friendly
  16. OXO BREW Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Auto-Drip Water Tank – very useful for the coffee snob
  17. Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System 
  18. Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste – because ill say it again a book is always a great gift idea

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