2020 Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Lifetime Christmas Movies

I usually write a whole post about Hallmark movies, but now other networks are starting to get into the game and there is lots to talk and say. So here are my thoughts on the Christmas Movies on Netflix, Disney +, Lifetime and Hulu – by network.

NETFLIX Ive ranked the Netflix offerings in order of my favorite to least favorite. Although Netflix might not have had as large a slate as other years they had some excellent fare!

Dash & Lily – this is not a movie but a 8 episode series but its the Christmas Gift you need! I absolutely adored this teenage christmas cleu gathering love story. ITs smart, its cute, it has heart and its everything you need this holiday season

 Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey Of course I was going to love this. A wonderful musical

CHrsitmas Chronicles 2 – I loved the first one and the second one hits the mark again in Christmas Happiness and wonderfulness.

Holidate – such good Holiday rom com. Great production values, Emma Roberts oozes charm and its overall everything you want in a rom com and a Christmas movie at once. As this is not the top of my list, it shows Netflix really hit it out of the park this year in their original Xmas content!!

 The Princess Switch: Switched Again – its really not as good as the original. Not even close. Serviceable but i watched it in pieces, it wasnt good enough to keep me up late (some of my other movies have)

Operation Christmas Drop – Sweet but a lot clichee and not as good as expected.

 Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square i had such high expectations for this: Dolly, a musical, Christine Baransky, Trent Williams, Directed by Debbie Allen, i mean there were reasons for me to be excited about it. However the final product was a bit too saccharine and community theater for my taste (and i am all in for saccharine, musicals and Christmas so im sure some people will definitely not like this). I expected more from the production and it just didnt deliver. It was a cute thing to watch at Christmas nut not the amazing movie i was expecting.


Godmothered I don’t know if this is a Christmas movie, but it felt like a Christmas movie and I was absolutely in love with it. Loved the cast, loved the concept and its execution. I was also obsessed with you they throw the concept of what is Happily Ever After on its head and start to redifine it. Like it started with Frozen, Disney is being very smart about redefining the Fairy tale for the 21st century and I am all here for it. A definite MUST WATCH


The Happiest Season – So Hulu just had one offering this year and I have to say I was disappointed. The disappointment lies in that my expectations were not met. This cast + Christmas I was expecting it to be excellent and my new holiday classic. But that it is not. It is ok. IT would also have been better if not for the final scene which was pure ridiculousness. Definitely one to watch, but its not one I’m going to go back every holiday season.


I have to say Lifetime has been upping their game! Although over 50% of the movies are not great quality or content, there are a couple of gems here and there, some stellar casting choices and some movies that rival and excel over Hallmark. So here’s my ranking of the ones I have seen so far and will update as soon as I see more (yes there is a lot of content and I cant keep up!)

  1. A Christmas Setup
  2. Too Close for Christmas – this gets the top post because of a fab cast (got to love Jessica Lowes and Chad Michael Murray) and also it had some of the best production values
  3. Christmas Unwrapped
  4. Christmas on the Vine
  5. Christmas Aunt
  6. Feliz NaviDAD
  7. Dear Christmas
  8. A crafty Christmas Romance
  9. A Very Charming Christmas Town
  10. A Welcome Home Christmas
  11. Candy Cane Christmas
  12. Christmas on Ice
  13. Forever Christmas
  14. A Taste of Christmas
  15. The Christmas Yule Blog
  16. A Taste of Christmas

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