2021 Christmas Movies roundup: Netflix

We’ve talked about Hallmark, now its on to Netflix Xmas movies (coming later, all the others). Ive linked to prior years Xmas movie thoughts: 2012, 2013, 2017,2018, 2019 for Netflix, 2019 Lifetime, 2020 and the full compendium of ABC Family and lifetime Movies for some of the older titles.

Here they are in order of how much i liked them, I will be updating with new movies as I watch them!

Single All the Way– Loved it, top notch cast, (although I have to say as good as Jennifer Coolidge is I’m kind of getting tired of her thing, its the same thing every time!) great story, wonderful Christmas activities. High marks all-round, and although Hallmark and Lifetime did lead the way last year with Gay couple romance at Christmas, nice to see Netflix following suit.

A Castle for Christmas – I really enjoyed this movie. First the locale is fabulous. But secondly, give me more Brooke Shields in my life, she is a gem and we definitely need more of her on screen! It’s a traditional Xmas love story, a la Hallmark, but the production values are top notch.

“A Boy Called Christmas – Sweet family fun! A must watch

Love Hard – its really cute. And its not traditional Christmas at all, which is quite fun too.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star – a suitable ending to the franchise although clearly not up to par to the first one, or even the second one. I had fun, but unless you REALLY like Christmas movies and loved the first two maybe its a skip

Blown Away Christmas – Not my favorite Blown Away, but a serviceable 4 episode Christmas take

Father Christmas is Back – my only PSA this season is, do not watch this movie, its beyond bad (how did so many good actors sign up for something so bad)

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